Snowsport GB ­ 2003/4 British Land Alpine Ski Team

Alain Baxter                      Aviemore           29
Noel Baxter                       Aviemore          21
Roger Cruickshank            Banchory          20
Ross Green                        Falkirk             25
James Leuzinger                 Häetzingen       21
Finlay Mickel                     Edinburgh         25

Chemmy Alcott                 Twickenham      21
Jo Greig                            Weybridge        21

Snowsport GB ­ 2004 British Land Junior Alpine Ski Team

James Barcock                  Bath                 19
Andrew Noble                   Edinburgh        19

Katrina Head                    Oxford              18
Lynn Sharp                       Glasgow           17

The following athletes have been offered a British Team trial.

Jamie Miles                       Chingford         20
Pamela Thorburn               Strathaven       17

British Land Alpine Ski Team Staff

Christian Schwaiger                            Head Coach/Men's World Cup Technical Coach                    AUT

Reinhard Fernsebner                          Men's Technical Coach                                                                 AUT

Gerhard Greber                                    Women's Speed Coach                                                                  AUT

Sam Liddell                                            Women's Technical Coach                                                           GBR

Michal Pilarski                                        FIS Coach/Fitness Coach                                                            GBR

Ross Gardner                                        Assistant Coach/Fitness Coach                                                 GBR

Christian Loedler                                 Serviceman                                                                                        AUT

Sepp Percht                                           Serviceman                                                                                        AUT

Armin Frankhauser                               Serviceman                                                                                       AUT

Geri Mitterbauer                                    Physiotherapist                                                                                AUT

In season 2002/2003, Snowsport GB took responsibility for the management and delivery of the Home Nations Combined Programme. This is a largely self-funding programme, for full time athletes, selected to Home Nations Squads. The programme is staffed by Snowsport GB. For 2003/2004, the coaching programme is lead by Günter Pühringer and Charlie Wright, assisted by Tony McAllister.