2011 Alpine Race Results
All results & penalty calculations subject to approval & verification
Date	Event					Venue		Disc		
02/01	Anglo Scottish Cup			Les Houches	SL/GS   
03/01	BARSC Junior & Children's Championships	Champoluc	SL/GS/SG
04/01	GBR FIS Races Oppdal			Oppdal		SL/GS
15/01	Royal Navy Alpine Championships		Tignes		SL/GS/SG     - not for seeding
15/01	RAF Alpine Ski and Snowboard Champs	Saalbach-HG	SL/GS/SG/DH      
20/01	Army Alpine Ski Championships		Serre Chevalier	SL/GS/GS/DH  - not for seeding
22/01	Lecht Bairns				The Lecht	GS           - not for seeding
25/01	Welsh FIS/BASS Alpine Championships	Champery	SL/GS   
25/01	Scottish Schools Minors' Championships	The Lecht	GS           - not for seeding
29/01	Inter Services Ski Championships	Meribel	  	DH  SG  GS  SL    CSWSA web site  
30/01	British Schoolboys International Races	Meiringen	SL/GS/PS  
31/01	British Schoolgirls Races		Flaine		SL/GS 	 
18/02	Kandahar FIS Masters (IMC)		Megeve		SL/GS/SG  
20/02	English Alpine Championships		Bormio		SL/GS/SG   
26/02	Cairngorm Ski Club Open Championships	Cairngorm	SL/GS
05/03	Scottish FIS Races			Cairngorm	SL/GS
12/03   Scottish Masters                        Glenshee        SL/GS
12/03	NE Scotland Children's Champs		The Lecht	SL/GS	CANCELLED
14/03	BSA Inter-School Ski Challenge		Les Houches	SL/GS 
17/03	Aiglon College Cup			Villars		SL/GS
17/03	Scottish Schools Senior Championships	The Lecht	GS           - not for seeding 
19/03	Scottish Children's Champs		Cairngorm	SL/GS
26/03	John Clark/BMW Champs			Glenshee	2SL           VIDEO   
27/03	Delancey British Senior & Junior Champs	Meribel		SL/GS/SG/DH    
03/04	Scottish Children's Courchevel Races	Courchevel	SL/GS
04/04	British Universities Main Event		Tignes		SL/GS/SG  
05/04	Delancey British Children's Champs	Meribel		SL/GS/SG
05/04	Scottish FIS Courchevel Championships	Courchevel	SL/GS
16/04   NE Scotland FIS Races                   Cairngorm       SL/GS	CANCELLED
29/05/  English BASS Indoor Snow Races		Landgraaf       SL