2004 Alpine Race Results
All results & penalty calculations subject to approval & verification
Date	Event					Venue		Disc		

24/12 	DHO Christmas Races			Wengen		GS              CANCELLED
28/12	BARSC Junior & Children's Championships	Alpbach		SL/GS/SG
10/01?	Army Div Champs UK, NI & TA		Serre Chevalier	SL/GS/SG/DH
10/01	Army LAND 1 Div Champs			Les Contamines	SL/GS/SG/DH	
10/01	RAF Alpine Ski and Snowboard Champs	Saalbach-HG	SL/GS/DH        See RAF WSA site
18/01	Royal Navy Championships		Les Menuires	SL/GS/SG        See RN WSA site
22/01	Army Alpine Championships		Serre Chevalier SL/GS/SG/DH     See Army WSA site
24/01	John Clark (BMW) 			Glenshee	SL/GS           CANCELLED           
26/01	British Schoolgirls Races		Flaine		Slalom   GS   Combined  Parallel  Prizes 
26/01	British Schoolboys International Races	Wengen		Slalom   GS   Team   
31/01	North East Scotland FIS Championships	Lecht		2SL	        CANCELLED      
31/01	Kandahar Masters (IMC)			Megeve		SL/GS           See Kandahar site 
01/02	British Services Championships		Saalbach	SL/GS/SG/DH    
07/02	North West Scotland FIS Championships	Nevis Range	2GS             CANCELLED
14/02	East Scotland Children's Championships  Glenshee	SL/GS           CANCELLED
28/02	Hird Trophy & Coronation Cup		Cairngorm	SL/GS           CANCELLED
06/03	North East Scotland Children's Champs	Lecht		Slalom 1    Slalom 2
06/03	Scottish Masters Championships		Glenshee	SL/GS
11/03	BSA Inter-school Ski Challenge		Les Houches	Giant Slalom    Slalom  
13/03	Ski Road Skis & North Children's Champs	Cairngorm	Slalom results 
20/03	British Senior Championships		Meribel		SL/GS/SG/2DH
20/03	Scottish Children's Championships	Cairngorm	SL/GS           CANCELLED
20/03	Bairns Bucket				Cairngorm	GS
29/03	British Universities Ski Championships	Les Deux Alps	SL/GS/SG         
04/04	British Junior/Children's Championships	Meribel		SL/GS/SG	
04/04	Scottish Senior FIS Championships	Meribel		Giant Slalom     Slalom           
11/04	English Alpine Championships		Puy St Vincent	SL/GS/SG
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