Present:	Maud Instone		MI	Chairman
		Richard Berry		RB
		Susie Berry		SB
		Ingie Christophersen	IC
		Neil Griffiths		NG
		Peter Heath		PH
		Graham Hubbard		GH
		Alan Hunt		AH
		Ian Jones		IJ
		Martin Leach		ML
		David Parsons		DP
		Ian Roberts		IR
		Frank Staddle		FS

In attendance:	Fiona McLean		FM
		Helen Parsons		HP
		Jennifer Kirkwood	JK

Apologies:	Dick Taplin, Duncan Lonie, Maree Rudd, Roderick Hutchison, 
		Lawrie Robertson, Alan Stewart, Sid James

Many congratulations were sent to Maree Rudd who had given birth to a baby boy, 
David Lang, 6lbs on Thursday.

MI opened the meeting by welcoming everybody, including DP the new SCOW representative. 
His wife HP was admitted as an observer on this occasion, although MI confirmed that 
attendance at TD Forum meetings is normally restricted to British TDs and Candidate TDs, 
the Seeders, Championships co-options and a maximum of one additional representative from 
each constituent group.


A letter from Derek Metters raised a question about ESC Proposal No l, concerning the 
appointment of TDs at constituent group events (Item 10.2).

MI clarified that at member group championship events Rule 604.2.2 should apply, 
i.e. BSSF TD Forum appoints the TD. SB indicated that the ESC follow the same programme 
as BARSC. ML suggested that a nominated BSSF TD should be present at all championships 
even if a constituent group TD is chosen to preside over individual events, or this may 
cause a potential insurance problem for the nominated British TDs. IR pointed out that a 
compromise was the best option.

There was majority agreement that the May minutes should remain unchanged.


2.1	The potential clash between the SNSC Gathering and the ID Forum in November next 
	year was mentioned. A compromise must be found to ensure maximum attendance at the Forum.

2.2	Item 8.2.3

	IR questioned when the decision to change a 2-run Children GS to 1-run only should 
	be made. NG made the point that 2 runs should always be programmed prior to the event. 
	When in resort, local conditions may force a change.


3.1	BARSC - SB reported verbally that, while BARSC clubs had run successful summer programmes, 
	there were no further issues of significant interest to the forum.
3.2	CSWSA - written report tabled by AR
3.3	ESC - written report tabled by IR.
3.4	SCOW - written report tabled by DP.
3.5	SNSC - verbal report given by FS.
	FS reported the success of the British and Scottish Artificial events, both of which were 
	held at Midlothian Ski Centre.
3.6	BSSF - written report tabled by FM.
	FM made special mention of the following changes.
	Re FIS registration.
	All race organisers should contact the BSSF with names of those racers who wish to compete 
	in a FIS event but who do not have a FIS licence, so that a temporary number can be allocated.


4.1	Report from Seeder - Dick Taplin
	MI reported on a letter from DT in which he indicated that changes have been made to the 
	BASS system, and also that the first BASS list 1999/2000 will be published around 1st December 
	on the Internet and in printed format.
4.2	Maximum penalty/ Maximum point 
	Two aspects were discussed:
4.2.1	The problem of too few finishers or insufficient finishers with points, resulting in penalty 
	calculation problems.
4.2.2	Whether all races should apply the FIS approach and cap the points used in the penalty 
	calculation. British FIS events will no longer be recalculated using BASS points - the 
	FIS point will stand.
	MI suggested that a trial of this system should be carried out, however a final decision 
	should not be made until DT was present.
	PH will recalculate all race penalties after the event, substituting the FIS maximum when 
	appropriate. The resulting statistics will be examined at the May meeting. These results 
	will not be shown on the BASS list.
4.3	Seeding of Children's races - 1998/9 trial inclusion of Juniors:
	The results of this experiment had been mixed. It had often been difficult to find juniors, 
	with points which would place them in the first group, willing or able to participate. 
	To encourage participation and, if the course meets the criteria for both Juniors and Children, 
	the Junior racers should benefit from the points. The trial will continue this season.
4.4	Member Club list for BASS:
	Each member group is to provide DT with lists of member clubs.
4.5	BASS Hardware
	4.5.1 DT's letter referred to the problem of out-dated hardware and his earlier request 
	for new equipment. FM stated that although it was appreciated new hardware was required, 
	the BSSF Board are currently pursuing a potential IT sponsor and will not commit to an 
	investment of 2000-3000 until this avenue had been exhausted.
	4.5.2 MI commented that more funds from the registration fees should be going to the BSSF 
	for both the administration of BASS and the TD forum. It was pointed out that there are over 
	1000 people BASS registered and the BSSF should receive more than 1.50 per head.


5.1	Report by British FIS Coordinator:
	5.1.1 	ML reported the ICR 2000 will be ratified in May and the BCR will become invalid. It 
		was agreed that at the May meeting a working group should be selected to approach 
		this problem. It was further suggested that a new BCR may not be required but an 
		addendum to the ICR covering specific British issues may be sufficient.
	5.1.2 	Any homologated technical piste which has not been assessed in the last ten years 
		will in due course be reviewed.
	5.2.3 	All FIS TDs must have safety training every 3 years. There is a proposal that 
		organising committees should report on the assigned TD using a form similar to that 
		currently available in North America. ML will acquire a copy and the subject will be 
		discussed at the May meeting. It was agreed that at the May meeting, a working group 
		should be selected to approach this matter.
5.2	Height of Risers - the maximums were confirmed as:
				Ski, binding + riser	Boot sole 
		Children      		50		50
		Junior/Senior 		55		50
	The boot sole height is defined as the distance from the bottom of the ski boot sole to the 
	skin of the heel. (On new boots this is shown stamped on the side of the sole.)
5.3	5.3.1 	National quotas at FIS Children's' Races 
			Children I	4
			Children II	6
		IC pointed out that these teams must be of mixed sex.
5.3.2	ML emphasised that only one pair of skis per competition weekend is allowed and that skis 
	would be marked at registration.
5.4	Sanctions - Appeal process
	In the light of the FIS appeal process against imposed sanction it is important that the 
	BSSF reviews its current procedures, This process should be clarified by appropriate statutes, 
	taking the FIS 'court' system as an example. It was agreed that a working group should be set up 
	to address this issue.
	ML pointed out the importance of a clear written account of the procedure for all parties 
	involved and the need to keep all documentation of the disputed event.
	It was agreed that FM would provide existing policy documents for discussion by all Home Nations 
	and finally the TD Forum.


6.1	The address list was circulated for revision and is appended. Corresponding members to continue 
	to receive minutes.
6.2	MI asked that statistics be provided on the TDs in the Member Group lists.
	It was clarified that all problems concerning TDs should be addressed to MI rather than the 
	BSSF office.
6.3	Candidate TDs
	ML announced that Sue McGregor-Ogden had passed her British 'ID written exam.
	It was agreed that she will have 2 years from today to complete her candidacy.
	Alan Hunt has a further year to broaden his practical experience. It was noted that he has 
	difficulty organising absence from work to go to races.
6.4	It was reported that the TDs gilet is very popular. Badges will be issued as soon as the 
	logo is stabilised.


	The calendar of assignments was agreed. It was noted that Alan Stewart will act as Chief of Race
	at BSSF Senior Championships. It was suggested that Crerar Adams could go to the RAF 
	championships. (It was subsequently agreed that Ian Jones should act as TD at the RAF races, 
	and Ian Roberts at the BARSC.)

8  ICR

8.1	The precisions had been discussed at length at TD Seminar yesterday.
8.2	801.2.4
	GH questioned the proposal that the number of gates in a Slalom be a percentage of the 
	vertical drop - as in Giant Slalom. It was decided to discuss this matter at the next meeting.

9  BCR

9.1	9.1.1
	604.4.4 - At Scottish weekend events it is impractical for the TD to arrive 24 hours before 
	the race, because the race organisation is not in place. It was suggested that the TD should 
	visit the resort 1 week earlier. NG suggested that an independent referee, a local who is 
	familiar with the slope, could be used to provide interim inspection.
	SB was of the view that the 48 hour rule should be implemented by FIS for Super-G, bringing 
	it in line with DH.

	Distributed in May. Decided to circulate it more widely and PH will put it on the web.


11.1	British Seniors
	Saalbach 8-15 January. AS to be Chief of Speed events with IC as Chief of Technical. FM 
	reported that Salzburg will help with sponsorship by providing training facilities and 
	accommodation. At present the contract with Saalbach is for one year only but with a high 
	possibility of it being extended to 3-5 years.
11.2	British Junior/Children
	Pitztal 8-15 April. GH reported that to date Pitztal have been very cooperative. FS stated 
	that the dates for the Scottish Seniors may be changed to avoid a clash between the two events.
11.3  	British Artificial
	Wycombe - 16-17 September 2000.
	DP referred to the British artificial at Midlothian Ski Centre and in particular the Parallel 
	Slalom event. Seeding had been based on the points gained at the Slalom event and as many top 
	Welsh racers had failed to finish, they were given a poor seeding. As a result, the potential 
	final was over in the first round. The system had been put in place to accommodate racers who 
	do not have British plastic points and does serve a purpose despite this year's anomaly.
11.4  	European Artificial
	DP had concerns about the lack of formality surrounding this event, referring in particular 
	to lack of communication between the participating countries.
	A Working group is to be set up, consisting of 2 national representatives (Ian Roberts and 
	David Parsons), a representative from last years OC (John Shaw) and an independent Chairman 
	(Susie Berry). Minutes to be published on the web.


12.1	Insurance of Technical Delegates. FM reported that BSSF public liability insurance has been 
	increased and renewed, and further enquiries into the exact wording of the insurance policy 


	14 May 2000 - RAF Henlow
	3-5 November 2000 - Midlothian Ski Centre - TD up-date on 3/11/2000, Safety course on 4/11/2000
	NED and CYP should also be invited. Their Federations may be able to share some of the costs 
	involved in bringing safety experts to Scotland.

Alpine Technical Delegates Forum
Sunday, 7th November 1999


The British Land Alpine Ski Team was selected in May of this year and has had a full summer of snow 
and fitness training. This year we selected a Senior and Junior Team and a new British Youth Team, 
designed to help the introduction of our top children into FIS racing and perhaps, more importantly, 
snow and fitness training appropriate for that level of competition.

2000 British Land Alpine Ski Team

The 2000 Team looks very similar to last year's squad as you would expect in the 2nd year of an Olympic 
cycle. Unfortunately, at the top end we have lost Andrew Freshwater who resigned at the end of last 
season to begin a University career. We currently have two athletes in the top 100, Alain Baxter (SL) 
and Emma Carrick-Anderson (GS & SL). The significant progress made by 17 year old Chemmy Alcott is 
recognised in her selection to the Senior Team for this year.

Senior Team
Alain Baxter							Emma Carrick-Anderson
Ross Green							Chemmy Alcott
Johnny Moulder-Brown						Tessa Pirie
Finlay Mickel

Junior Team
Pete Walters							Amanda Pirie
Gareth Trayner							Danni Bosher
Noel Baxter
James Whistler
Paul McMillan

Youth Team
David Harrison							Katrina Head
Andrew Noble							Louise Hartley
Nicholas Palmer
Jamie Rennie
James Barcock
Patrick Wilson
Thomas Brown

The Youth Team are largely training with their Home Nation, although a joint camp for men was 
held in Saas Fee in August which involved not only the British Senior, Youth and Junior squads, 
but also other Home Nation athletes and a selected number of our Children's pool. The girls also 
trained collectively in New Zealand and Youth Team members, Katrina Head and Louise Hartley will 
follow The British Land Junior programme through the season where education allows.

Coaching Staff

At the end of last season, we lost coach Werner Herzhog. He has been replaced by British coach, 
Mark Tilston, who now has specific responsibility for the Team's fitness. Sean Langmuir is now Head 
Coach for the Women's programme. Christian Schwaiger continues as Mens Head Coach, with Reinhard 
Fernsebner looking after the sizable British Mens Junior Team.

Emma Carrick-Anderson is once again with the Finnish girls - an arrangement which worked very well 
last year. The men are also working very closely with the Finnish Ski Association and Alain Baxter 
frequently trains with his coach and the Finnish squad including last year's World Slalom Champion, 
Kalle Pallander. 


Summer season training has gone very well particularly in the latter part of the summer The women's 
teams were once again in New Zealand, where they enjoyed great training although the race programme 
was slightly disrupted due to weather conditions.

The men trained on European glaciers this summer: Hintertux, Saas Fee and Pitztal. The first training 
camps were blighted by inconsistent weather, however, we were blessed with sunshine and plenty of snow 
for the rest of the training camps. The new additions to the Men's Junior Team have settled in well 
to the programme.

Vehicles have posed a problem this summer and unfortunately one men's camp was badly disrupted by the 
breakdown of an Alpine vehicle.

The Teams now leave the UK for their final period of pre-season training and first races. The Mens 
Senior Team, with the exception of Finlay Mickel, will travel to North America along with Emma, where 
they will follow a series of FIS races and NorAm events in the run up to the World Cup in Park City. 
The Junior Team Boys and Finlay travel to Norway (if it gets colder) where the FIS are offering a period 
of free training. Noel Baxter will take up another FIS offer and will join a technical training group 
made up of athletes from developing ski nations - yes we are in the third world - and hopes to qualify 
for the second phase of this training.

The Women's Team face a difficult season in terms of their commitments outwith skiing and a week-end 
programme will be run until Christmas in order to accommodate racers in this group.


The British Land Company PLC continued their support for British Alpine skiing. They will sponsor the 
British Championships for a record 22nd year and have increased their level of support to the Alpine 
Team programme. In addition, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter have added their contribution to the Alpine 
Programme which has made a huge difference to our budgets for the coming season.

Audi UK have provided the Alpine Team with two Audi Quattro estates. We hope to increase the extent of 
this sponsorship when we meet with them next week. This is part of their pan-European marketing strategy
which involves many of the European ski teams, the World Cup Circuits and FIS.

Nevica continue to sponsor the Alpine Team with new, trendy silver suits and a new two-piece Slalom catsuit.

British Championship Events

We have two new venues for the 2000 Championships.  The Senior Championships will take place from 
8th - 15th January in the World Championship resort of Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria and the Juniors 
will take place in Pitztal from 8th  - 15th  April 2000. We met with many marketing people from the 
Austrian National Tourist office at the Ski Show last week and we hope that Austria will be able to 
provide the same standard of Championships we have had in France over the past few years.

FIS Registration

141 Alpine racers have registered for the 1999/2000 season. FIS have now ruled that anyone competing 
in a FIS event must have a code number on the start list. Instructions have been issued to the Home 
Nations and race organisers. BASS registered racers who do not currently have code number should made 
this clear on their entry form for British FIS events. The organisers should then contact the BSSF who 
will in turn obtain a temporary code number from FIS. This process should take no more than a week.

FIS Matters

Martin Leach will report on significant news from recent FIS meeting in Milan.

As an experiment for 1999/2000, Junior racers, who become injured and may not compete as a result,
 will have their points frozen at the time of injury for one year and will not be loaded with the 
usual single penalty. This move is an attempt to motivate young skiers to come back to competitive 
skiing from injury at a crucial point in their career. This experiment will be reviewed in Melbourne 
in May 2000.

Much as the Athletes Declaration must be signed before a competitor is registered with FIS for 2000/2001, 
Females wishing to register must have undergone a gender test prior to application. It is the responsibility 
of the BSSF to ensure that every registered racer has the necessary gender certificate.

Sports Council

An Exchequer Funding application for the 3 years running up to the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics was 
submitted in June of this year. The resulting UK Sports Council grant amounted to 186,000 to be divided 
between administration, Alpine, Freestyle and Snowboard. Although this represents a cut on the previous 
years grant, it is not as drastic as we might have expected. However, this level of funding is only 
guaranteed for the season 1999/2000, a further application must be made for the following season.

The Scottish Lottery Fund has awarded our top Scottish athletes substantial grants for the coming 
season and while we welcome this move, it has meant that junior grants have been cut. Athletes from 
Home Nations, other than Scotland, still do not receive personal Lottery funding.

BSSF Office

The property at 258 Main Street is currently under offer. The BSSF and Snowsport Scotland will move 
to new premises, by Midlothian Ski Centre, at the beginning of December.

Fiona McLean
4th November 1999