Maud Instone    MI          Chairman

Susie Berry     SB          FIS TD

Richard Berry    RB          FIS TD

Peter Heath      PH          Dry Slope Seeder

Ian Jones       IJ           British TD

Duncan Lonie       DL          Chief of Championships

Derek Metters     DM         ESC

Maree Rudd        MR         British TD

Frank Staddle      FS          British TD

Dick Taplin         DT           BASS Seeder

In attendance:

Graham Bell       GB           BSSF Performance Director

Peter Rooney     PR           BSSF Disciplines Director

Fiona McLean   FM          BSSF Alpine Co-ordinator (Minutes)


Ingrid Christophersen, Neil Griffiths, Graham Hubbard, Alan Hunt, Roderick Hutchison, Sid James, Martin Leach, Sue MacGregor-Ogden, Laurie Robertson and Larry Young.


The minutes were received as an accurate record. It was noted that Peter Heath had, in fact, been present.


There were no matters arising which were not dealt with by the Agenda.


The Chairman reported: We have had a tremendous season in terms of the number of successful events. Alois Schneider, an Austrian, was TD for the AVSC races. Michael van Moppes was TD for the Combined Services championships.

A number of points have arisen concerning results:-

3.1 A maximum penalty should perhaps be considered - 2 races did not have enough seeded racers to make a penalty.

3.2 TDs in Scotland often arrive the morning of the race. Rule BCR 604.4.4 states that TDs should be in resort 24 hours prior to the event. It is understood that circumstances in Scotland are different from the Alps and perhaps an exception should be made in this case.

MR recommended that the TD should visit the resort the weekend prior to their race to refresh their memory on the slope and the logistic arrangements. Other points made were:

Hill operators in Scotland can be relied on for accurate snow reports - in Europe this is not always the case; If the TD arrives early, he can also assess the race organisation. An amendment to BCR 604.4.4 to be drafted and confirmed at the TD Forum in the Autumn. (Action: MI and MR. If anyone else wishes to be consulted please contact MI.)

FIS TDs should be reported if they do not arrive in time for adequate preparation prior to the team captain's meeting.

3.3 A note regarding the full format of race documentation should be included on the TD report form. The three packs to be sent to MI, DT & BSSF should contain as much race information as possible but certainly: start lists, minutes, results and penalty calculations, also race bulletins, if available. (Action FM.)

3.4 Legal action can be started 5 years after an event. It should not be necessary to keep race results for longer than 5 years. Copies should be held at BSSF.


4.1 BARSC - written report tabled

DT asked if there would be an opportunity for the existing Schoolboys and Schoolgirls races to run on into another combined school event. It was agreed this is not feasible because of schooling.


Sid James is standing down from many of his skiing responsibilities, but will continue as a British TD. DT presented CSWSA report.

CSWSA tried to complete as many races as they could but lost some, particularly DH. Next year's Combined Services in St Moritz, all BASS participants welcome.

Ski World are now helping to organise the RAF championships and other competitors could take advantage of this package. These races are now run to BCR rules. This needs to be publicised among racers - downhillers and BASS registered racers should be targeted.

A contract with the resort is essential.

4.3 ESC - written report tabled

Ian Roberts has succeeded Mike Creasor as Chairman of English TDs, but is represented today by Derek Metters. Thanks were expressed to Martin Leach and Susie Berry for their assistance at the Championships. The minis race was very successful. The trend on reducing numbers of senior racers is worrying. The reasons for drop outs in the junior category are many. It may be to do with disillusionment at non-selection, but also education, finance and loss of the fun element when competition becomes more serious. To be discussed at November Forum.

New English TDs appointed - Ian Roberts and Carl MacGregor-Ogden.

4.4 SCOW - written report tabled

4.5 SNSC - written report tabled

FIS TDs at Scottish races have been excellent. The Scottish Championships took place for the first time in 3 years, although participation was low. Only the North FIS at Cairngorm did not take place. Funding for the Cairngorm Funicular is now in place. The resorts did not have a great season financially, although the race season was better.

It was agreed we should make sure that FIS TDs to British races do not preside in their own country and that they speak English and the resort language.

4.6 BSSF - written report tabled

There was a vote of thanks from the TD Forum to Mike Jardine.


5.1 Report by FIS TD Controller: Martin Leach was unable to attend to deliver his report. DT summarised his experience from the Spring FIS Meetings. The following points were noted:

5.1.1 All racers will need a FIS number before they can enter an FIS race, although they will not appear in the FIS list until they have registered.

5.1.2 Research on the reliability of back up timing had been carried out.

5.1.3 ICR are being rewritten, this will have a knock on effect for the BCR.

5.1.4 BARSC races - under no circumstances should the Swiss have more than double entry.

5.1.6 Ingie is very concerned about host quotas for children's races; the French fill the Scarrafiotti with their own children; you cannot start racers according to their seed points; perhaps the host nation should have a larger but limited quota. CH1 and CH2 should not be split as this makes team staffing difficult. Ingie will report to the FIS Children's Committee.

5.1.7 There is a recommendation that Children I should only have one pair of race skis per event. The Forum feels that it would be extremely difficult to police. This is also a safety issue, regarding risers and side-cuts.

5.1.8 There is ambiguity in the wording of the rule regarding the height of risers - sole of the ski to sole of the boot.

5.1.9 GS helmets for Juniors - are they necessary?

5.1.10 Timing to be run on day time - with some Homologated timing this only allows for one racer on the course at a time, eg Alge S4. Take to timing sub committee. (DT to draft letter.)

5.2 Proposals to Congress

5.2.1 There must be a quota system for international children's races. We will approach this problem via the National Association and the Children's Committee.

5.2.3 Clarification of 801.2.4. Ambiguous - No of slalom gates + or - 3 or not.


6.1 TD Address List

Please keep Maud updated with any changes.

6.2 British Candidate TDs

6.2.1 Ian Jones was the TD for BARSC Children's event and was assessed by SB. Excellent knowledge. He was accepted as British TD for all disciplines.

6.2.2 Roderick Hutchison was supervised by RB for DH (he is already a technical event TD). The DH was cancelled. However he proved himself extremely capable in the run up to the decision to cancel. It was agreed to accept him as a British TD for speed events also.

6.2.3 SB queried whether a Super G candidacy would qualify one for speed events in general. At FIS level it is only necessary to qualify in one technical and one speed event. It was agreed to follow this at British level, pending a suitable report from the supervising TD.

6.2.4 Sue MacGregor-Ogden is expected to sit her exam in the autumn.

6.2.5 Duncan Reid has been at sea and unable to qualify. His candidacy will now lapse.

6.2.6 Nominations: ESC - Carl MacGregor-Ogden and Ian Roberts. After discussion it was agreed these applicants be encouraged to gain a little more experience at Constituent group level. The other members groups will make an effort to invite these applicants to TD races of a suitable level to allow them to 'fly solo' in the TD role. Their nominations will be considered again next year. They should be encouraged to visit the November Seminar.

6.3 TD equipment and badges

MI showed the new TD suit and fleece. This offer is still available - open to all British TDs with embroidery and to constituent group TDs without. Badges will follow.

6.4 BCR 604.4.4 - dealt with under Item 3.

6.5 TD Report Form - dealt with under Item 3.

6.6 Minis - Super-G

Points discussed included:

· There is a belief that minis should not race slalom and instead race 2 GS or a mini Super-G. In Scotland only GS are raced. Opportunities for Super G are limited.

7. BRITISH CALENDAR - attached to BSSF report

There was discussion on possible dates for British Championships. (Dates now planned:

Seniors: 9-15 January; Juniors/Children: 9-15 April)


8.1 British Land Senior Championships

The Senior Championships lost two days due to weather. Unfortunately, the Women's Europa Cup had moved from Tignes to Megeve and there were fewer international entries in the British. On the fun side, there was a parallel slalom and an inner tube race. Next year is under discussion.

8.2 British Land Junior & Children Championships

8.2.1 Should there be a minis race? Are there insurance implications? HN registration for a day. Logistics? In conjunction with the children's event? It was agreed it should be a stand alone race, not mixed in with Children. It should not affect the main body of the programme. SB does not believe that minis will travel to the Alps only on the promise of a race, they go to train. This is not the case at weekend Scottish events. Should minis race at all? It certainly should not be billed as a BRITISH minis championships.

It was agreed that a Minis race could be included providing: a) it can be done without detriment to the Championships b) it can be included as an optional extra in the contract. and c) there are a group of people are prepared to run it, independent of the OC, but with the use of their facilities.

8.2.2 In Children's Championships: Should foreign children (non BASS registered foreigners) be invited? There is an advantage to having good children there as a bench mark. It was agreed that this decision should be at the discretion of the organiser.

8.2.3 1-run GS & Super G in one day in Children's event:

MR asked should this have been planned? When does force majeure come in to play? It is currently open to abuse. BCR state that a GS should be run in 2 runs. This decision was not taken in force majeure. It was agreed that the reason for a 1-run GS must be accounted for, it must not be initially programmed.

8.3 British Dry Slope Championships

It was agreed that Maud Instone will TD this event.

9.0 1CR

Nothing to add. A working group should be formed to review the draft as soon as it is available (MI, SB plus SNSC and ESC representatives - Please inform MI of names.)

10.0. BCR

10.1 ESC Proposal 1 - to amend 604.2.2 and 604.2.4

Those absent from meeting sent their comments to MI on this proposal. There were mixed responses. The following points were made:

· We should define our events better.

It was agreed that Member Groups should bring their TD assignments to the November Forum. Address lists for constituent group TDs should also be provided. Member Group Championship assignments will be decided by the BSSF TD Forum. It may be necessary for a TD from the same member group to TD a Club event. It was agreed, however, that appointment must be sanctioned by the BSSF TD Forum. This rule will be rubber stamped in November.

10.2 ESC Proposal 2 - to amend Part 2, section 4


10.3 Foreign competitors with BASS registration at British events

At Junior level it is clear, once you have declared your nationality at FIS you must stick by that choice for the duration of the season. Changes must be made in the off season. It was agreed this should apply at British Children's races. ICR 208.5.4

10.4 ICR/BCR Once we have a draft of the ICR we can decide how BCR should be amended. Hopefully, all that will be required will be a British only appendix and a short list of British exceptions to the ICR rules. (See Item 9, above)


SB distributed the finished document in both hard copies and on disk to each Member Group. DT agreed to print 20 copies for the TD Forum. The Forum thanked SB for her work


12.1 Maximum Point

· DT has not looked at the issue statistically.

· DT to look at the races affected last year and make a recommendation.

12.2 Juniors at Children's Races

At BARSC Championships, only Juniors with points to place them in the top 15 at the start were allowed to compete. DT described the results of his analysis. He will complete his data for the Autumn when a decision whether to continue the experiment will be reached. There was some discussion on the psychological effect on children of entering juniors in their events.


12.3 Single results in speed events

Sid James to expand his proposal for November.

12.4 CSWSA Penalty Point

Peter Heath had queried why DT included the FIS points of the fastest foreigner. DT explained that the calculation with BASS alone would have provided a very poor penalty. However this method would also improve the BASS version of junior results. BASS and FIS are out of line.

The reason DT did this was to allow the Ladies race to be seeded - only 4 BASS seeded racers available. The Men were also seeded this way for consistency. This does not shoot the racers unrealistically up the BASS rankings.

An experiment was agreed for 99/2000. If FIS points are available to create the BASS penalty calculation they should be used. (Wording to be clarified in November.)

13.0 AOB

13.1 RAF enquiry re the life of helmets

The Forum recommends that helmets should be items of personal equipment and not pool equipment. They should be replaced as often as possible.

13.2 BASS List - Clubs: Only bona fide clubs should appear on the BASS list. It was agreed that Registering Groups should send lists to DT for inclusion with the first seed list

13.3 Aberdeen Ski Club: are considering running a Club National in Tignes in October. It was agreed that if it conforms to BCR there is no reason why it cannot be seeded.

13.4 GB updated the Forum on his work


5/7 November 1999 at RAF Henlow:

5 November FIS TD Meeting

6 November BSSF TD Seminar - open to Constituent Group TDs, race organisers, etc.

7 November BSSF TD Forum Meeting

(Papers tabled at the meeting are not attached for those present. Anyone requiring copies should contact BSSF office.)