Present:                                    Maud Instone                         MI                   Chairman

                                                Susie Berry                             SB

                                                Richard Berry                         RB

                                                Ingrid Christophersen              IC

                                                Neil Griffiths                           NG

                                                Roderick Hutchison                RH      

                                                Sid James                               SJ

                                                 Martin Leach                         ML

                                                Duncan Lonie                         DL

                                                 Dave Parsons                        DP

                                                 Ian Roberts                            IR

                                                Lawrie Robertson                   LR

                                                Maree Rudd                           MR

                                                 Alan Stewart                          AS

                                                Larry Young                           LY                  


In attendance:                           Graham Bell (GB), Jennifer Kirkwood, Susan Roy (from Item 3.4)


Apologies:                                Richard Ellis, Peter Heath, Graham Hubbard, Alan Hunt, Ian Jones, David Morris, Frank Staddle, Dick Taplin,


MI opened the meeting by welcoming everybody and thanking Snowsport Scotland for hosting the TD Forum at their annual Gathering. 


1.            MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING - 14/5/00


LR to be added to apologies list of previous meeting.  There were no other comments and the Minutes were signed as a correct record.


2.            MATTERS ARISING


SB raised the question of the European and World Artificial Championships.  ML stated that this would be added as an agenda item covered under Item 10, British Championships – to be numbered 10.4.

SJ brought up the question of the appointment of TDs to certain events – with particular reference to the Scottish Children’s Championships last year.  LR said that he will produce a list of Scottish TDs who are appointed to Scottish races.




3.1            BARSC

SB reported verbally that BARSC had a successful summer with good October trainings and there were no specific comments to report. 


3.2            CSWSA

There was a written report from David Morris.  SJ pointed out that civilians would be made very welcome at any CSWSA event particularly if they wished to make use of the Downhill training opportunities.


3.3       ESC

Written report tabled by IR.


3.4       SCOW

Written report tabled by DP.  DP wished to report verbally the fact that there are many Welsh officials keen to train as British TDs.  MI responded, saying that opportunities exist for officials to help at the British Championship events which provide valuable experience, and encouraged TDs to forward the names of interested parties to the race organisers.  Younger people must be encouraged to participate in race organisation.


3.5       SNSC

Written report tabled by LR.  It was highlighted, verbally by LR, that there will be less FIS races run in Scotland this season than there have been in the past.


3.6       BSSF

Fiona McLean’s written report tabled.  GB reported verbally that with 6 athletes now in the top 100, the past season had been the best for a long time for British Alpine Ski racing despite the on-going problem of funding.


MI, on behalf of the TD Forum, asked GB to describe what his position as Performance Director entailed.




4.1       Report from the Seeder

MI stated that the Seeder was sorry not to be present but that he had reported he is now in possession of a new computer, provided courtesy of Syntax Integration Ltd. MI expressed how grateful British skiing is to Dick Taplin for all the work he does as National Seeder.  She also mentioned that DT wished to acknowledge Peter Heath’s contribution to the seeding system.


4.2            Application of Maximum Values for Penalty Calculations

ML gave a verbal explanation of DTs written report regarding the “Application of Maximum Values for Penalty Calculation.”


It was agreed that this season DT will run a new BASS “ghost system” alongside the present system; by the end of the season each BASS registered athlete will have 2 sets of points;  for season 2001/2002, the new system will be applied.


SB brought up the question of cases when the new system may not work – e.g. in certain girls’ races - re penalty.   It was agreed that in these instances the Chairman will consult with senior TDs as usual to discuss the system used. 


The application of maximum values for penalty calculations will bring the BASS system closer to the FIS system. 


LY questioned the situation when a Children and Junior Race are run together.  It was decided that a 33% maximum should be applied.


4.3            Member Club List

It has been brought to Dick Taplin’s attention that some clubs listed on the BASS list are not members of a Home Nation Governing Body.  All HNGB must ensure that all clubs are correctly registered with them.


4.4       BASS Hardware

As has been previously mentioned, Dick Taplin is now in possession of a new computer.


5          FIS MATTERS

5.1       Report by Martin Leach

There has been major upheaval in the FIS recently, resulting in a restructuring of the organisation.  Each sub-committee is now answerable to a chairman who is a member of the Alpine Committee.


There will be two appointments for each of the FIS TDs this season.  It is difficult to obtain Speed event appointments because of the lack of training undergone by British TDs.  However, the safety demonstration to take place on Saturday 4th November is the first step to rectifying this situation.  Practical training of British TDs should take place at British-run FIS events or by officiating at foreign events.  Records of the training attended will be kept by ML.


Special mention was made of the FIS rule: for DH and SG events – the TD must arrive 48 hours before the first Team Captains’ meeting; for other events – 24 hours before the TCs’ meeting.


F Factors for the season 2000/2001 are:

Downhill:          1280

Super G:           1030

Giant Slalom:      830

Slalom:               570


Equipment Regulations:

The minimum ski length = 155 cm.  This is the full length of the unrolled ski, i.e. the length measured along the sole – not the shortest distance from the tip to heel.


Height of risers:

This is measured from the sole of the ski to the top of the plate binding.

For women: 45mm

For men:     50 mm


SB questioned the one pair of ski rule for Children 1 competitions.  GB clarified that it means one pair of skis per competition. 


If a TD believes that any FIS equipment regulation has been violated, the piece of equipment concerned should be confiscated and inspected. 


Sanction of FIS TDS:

Last season, 2 FIS TDs were sanctioned for the following reasons:

1.            Attempting to run a FIS race, using only the ‘turning’ gates.

2.             For non-impartiality – carrying his national team radio and talking to them regarding the condition of a course.

If a British-organised event is faced with a similar situation, the race organiser should contact ML, who will in turn contact Christian Steudler of FIS.


Race Documents:

ML emphasised that all race documents should be correctly signed and completed.  All documentation must also be standardised and all races should be run to the same standard.

There are already several discrepancies in the new ICR.


RH questioned whether an insurer would recognise whether a race had been run to a different standard? GB replied that the FIS assume that certain races will be run differently – for example a Children and Junior race.



6.1            Address List and TD Report

The current address list and the TD Report Form for 2000/01 are appended to these minutes.


6.2       Re-validation of TDs    

The re-validation of all current British TDs was confirmed.


6.3            Candidate TDs

Alan Hunt will do his practical candidature at the British Children’s Championships.

Crerar Adams and Ewen MacLean were nominated as new candidate TDs.

Ian Roberts will sit his theory examination on Saturday 4th November 2000.  (It was subsequently announced that he had passed and will do his practical candidature at the earliest opportunity.)

SB questioned the status of Eric Henry. It was confirmed that he is no longer a British TD.  He has taken Australian nationality and is representing Australasia on FIS.


6.4       TD Equipment and Badges

The badges can now be manufactured as the logo has been stabilised.  Ski suits and fleece waistcoats are still available – contact MI.



The British calendar was circulated and the appointments of TDs discussed.  The list of TD appointments is attached to these minutes.


The potential clash between the Alpbach Visitor Club and the DHO Christmas races was discussed.  SJ, on behalf the AVSC, argued that two days are required between the two race meetings to allow substantial travel time. It was agreed to run the AVSC races on 26/27 December and DHO races on 29/30 December.  It was agreed that this was a BARSC internal matter.


ML stated that race organisers must contact the TD appointed to their race as soon as reasonably practical.


8.         ICR

The new version of the International Ski Competition Rules has now been published.  These are available from BSSF – price £9.  There are several sentences which are unclear, despite the original language being English.


ML distributed the November draft precisions.   [The final Precisions are appended.]


The purpose of the recommendations for the equipment (radius/ length) is to prevent knee injuries.

GB explained that there are an increasing number of injuries occurring in Slalom races.


With regard to Children’s equipment, great care must be taken in how the new FIS recommendations are to be introduced.

Children 1 should use skis with a minimum length of 130 cm and a radius of not less than 14m.

Children 2 should use skis with a minimum length of 130 m and a radius of not less than 17m.

These recommendations will become rules for the season 2002/2003.

9.         BCR

MI asked SB to explain the current position of the BCR. SB proposed that section 2 of the BCR should be retained, but the remainder need no longer exist.  However, the technical data for each discipline for British races were considered and agreed. 


The four-page document entitled “The British Alpine Ski Competition Rules” and starting “At a meeting of the Technical Delegates Forum, held at Glenmore Lodge on 3rd November 2000, a decision was taken to amend the BCR as follows” was distributed on Sunday 5th November.  [A copy is being mailed to all TD Forum members not present at the meeting.  Further copies are available from BSSF.]


GB distributed a paper on  the problems concerning staging Children I and II races on the same courses. 



10.1     British Seniors

DL reported the event will be held from the 13-20 January 2001 at Saalbach-Hinterglemm. Crerar Adams will be Chief of Race for Speed Events, IC for the Technical events.


10.2     British Juniors

8th-14th April 2001, Pitztal.  Graham Hubbard will be Chief of Championships.


10.3     British Artificial

It was reported that this event was currently taking place at Wycombe Summit – the original event had been postponed owing to the fuel blockades.


The venue for this event next year will be decided at the May meeting.


10.4     World Artificial

SB explained the situation regarding the dispute over this event.


When the European Championships were introduced, a rule was made that if possible the venue should change every year.  The artificial slope, Wycombe Summit, wished to host another event which had been named the World Artificial Championships.  The FIS oppose the use of the name and BSSF will make it clear that all other nations involved understand that it is not an official event on the British Calendar.


MI closed the discussion with the clarification that it will not be seeded and all racers should be made aware.


11.            OTHER BUSINESS

11.1     Race Documentation

ML said that it is important that a new British TD report form and a TD Accident Report form be introduced, in line with the FIS documentation.  The new forms are attached to these minutes.

In addition, a document containing the organisers evaluation of support the TD provided should be circulated.



12  May 2001, RAF Henlow.

3-4 November 2001, RAF Henlow







Item 5.1             Height of risers


This should read:


Height of binding, plate and skis (maximum)            55mm ladies and men

Height of boot sole (maximum)                                    45 mm ladies; 50 mm men


Item 8             Ski Lengths for Children


The rule concerning ski length and radius should read as mandatory in FIS races this year and will apply in British races in season 2002/03.


Item 9             BCR


a)         The decisions concerning the variations in technical specifications between the BCR and the ICR were taken for reasons of safety and logistics, bearing in mind that our races usually involve ladies and men using the same courses;  also Children I and Children II using the same courses and in some instances Juniors and Children using the same courses.


b)         As stated in the precisions issued at the meeting, “the whole of the amended BCR will be republished in a 2000 edition – renumbered, dated and if possible double sided.”


It was not possible to republish the whole document before the start of the 2000/01 season.  This will now be done next year.  In the meanwhile if there are any matters in doubt TDs should consult with the Chairman of the TD Forum in the usual way.


Item 10            British Artificial Championships


During discussion about the Artificial Championships concern was expressed about the inclusion of a GS.  This will be an agenda item at the May meeting.