Present:   Maud Instone      MI   Chairman

      Richard Berry      RB

      Susie Berry       SB

      Peter Heath        PH

      Graham Hubbard   GH

      Martin Leach      ML

      Dave Parsons      DP

      Ian Roberts       IR

      Peter Rooney      PR    Items 1 - 5

      Frank Staddle      FS

      Alan Stewart      AS     Items 5.5 to end

In attendance: Jennifer Kirkwood

Apologies for absence: Ingie Christophersen, Neil Griffiths, Alan Hunt, Roderick Hutchison, Sid James, Ian Jones, Duncan Lonie, Maree Rudd, Dick Taplin, Larry Young

MI opened the meeting by welcoming everybody. SB paid tribute to Helen Tomkinson, who had died earlier in the month.

1. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING - 6th November 1999

IR questioned the wording of Paragraph 1, Minutes of Previous Meeting, relating to the appointment of TDs at constituent group events. It was agreed that there should be an additional sentence prior to that starting: "IR pointed out that a compromise was the best option," which should read as follows:

"However, it was generally agreed that, on occasion and without compromising the overall primacy of the assigned British TD, there should be the opportunity for Member Group TDs or potential TDs to be allowed to TD a race under the general supervision of the assigned British TD."


2.1 SB raised the question of the European Artificial Championships. See Item 5.6.


MI reported that many races in Scotland had not taken place, but that elsewhere the calendar races had been fulfilled. FS listed the Scottish races which were organised namely: North East Children's Championships, Scottish Children's Championships, John Clark (BMW) races and Scottish Senior (FIS) & K McGibbon Memorial Races.

MI acknowledged the great support she has had from Dick Taplin over the season and stated that all races which had taken place were acceptable for seeding. It was restated that Eric Henry is no longer a British TD. This year an exception had been made for him to be invited to be TD at the CSWSA Championships.

ML commented that certain races had been run on non-homologated slopes and that race documentation is frequently incomplete. This is important for possible litigation matters and he proposed that the November TD update should cover this. A definitive guide to the necessary documentation will be produced. Action ML/MI.

There was discussion of where to keep the full sets of race results and for what period of time. It was agreed that the Master copy should be retained by the BSSF 1 Chairman TD Forum. Pending legal advice, no decision was made as to how long they should be kept, although seven years was thought to be the normal limit for litigation. RB observed that once the appeal time has lapsed (12 months) retention of items such as gate judges cards is unnecessary.


4.1 BARSC - A written report was tabled by SB. SB stressed that BARSC do not wish a Swiss TD to be assigned to the Lenk event next year. Concerning the difficulty of organising Juniors and Children's events together caused by the new FIS Rules for Children: SB proposed that the BSSF delegation should ask FIS that a special rule / regulation be included for this situation. BARSC proposed that Mini's races are incorporated into the British Children & Junior Championships (as a non Championship event) and it was agreed that this will be further discussed with the organisers of this event. It was noted that the BARSC Children's races will be held before the Juniors next year and there will be only 5 days of racing with both Super Gs held on the middle day.

4.2 CSWSA - there was no report.

4.3 ESC - written report tabled by IR The Forum congratulated Sue McGregor-Ogden on the birth of her baby.

4.4 Snowsport Wales - written report tabled by DP. It was noted that Maylor Owen had decided to retire as a TD at all levels.

   European Championships see 5.6

4.5 Snowsport Scotland - written report by Lawrie Robertson tabled. FS reported that complaints had been made that the results from the ASC October race had not appeared on BASS list 1. It was decided that any races which occur after May 1 are to appear on the Start of Season list. Next season, the number of races organised in Scotland will be reduced and only 3 of them will be FIS. A question was raised about the need for TDs to be independent of their Home nation when carrying out an assignment, with particular reference to Scottish TDs. See Item 11 below.

4.6 BSSF - written report by Fiona McLean was tabled. PR reported that the BSSF has had limited success - particularly in the Marketing aspect. The main problem is funding with the UK Sport grant reduced. Communication within the Board is improving. Suggestion by SB, backed by RB that all interested parties should be invited to the BSSF Congress in a move to increase transparency. There was majority agreement.


5.1 Report by British FIS TD Commissioner. ML reported that the FIS Congress will take place in Melbourne at the beginning of June. The working group for TDs, at present operating under the jurisdiction of the Sub-committee for Rules and Control, is to become a Sub-committee in its own right reporting directly to the Alpine Committee. The ICR 2000 will be published following Congress and the BCR will need to be rewritten between now and November. (See Item 11)

5.2 GBR Delegation: It was generally agreed that the TD Forum should have been involved in the selection of the GBR delegation. There is concern that the Board are not taking collective responsibility for their work and many areas, in particular FIS matters, are not being properly addressed.

5.3 Homologation: In response to a question from FS: a newly homologated piste has a 10-year licence. For those already licensed for technical disciplines, the licence runs indefinitely until a TD questions it.

5.4 TD expenses: A TD is entitled only to expenses of 500 SF for travel costs and 80 SF for each day of his assignment (including the days of travel). Any additional payment is at the discretion of the Organisers, usually after discussion with the TD before the event.

5.5 World Artificial Championships

To be held at Wycombe Summit 27/28 May. MI reported that she had been requested by John Shaw to provide a TD for the event. But, because it did not appear on the British calendar, she was obliged to refuse. Sarah Lewis, Director of F'S had recommended that the organisers should change the name from "Championships" to "Criterium". Evidence shows, however, that it is still going under the former name. MI was concerned that this event may jeopardise GBR's relationship with FIS. She proposed that the BSSF should contact all the countries involved indicating its lack of support. SB believes that an event which includes words such as "World" or "International" should seek prior approval from the Events Executive of the BSSF. The BSSF Board should then be requested to endorse the event. PH pointed out that many racers entering would assume the race would be seeded and also covered by BSSF insurance, which is not the case. It was agreed that MI should ask BSSF to inform FIS and nations who have entered of the non-BSSF status of the event.

5.6 European Artificial Championships    15-16 July, Llandudno

DP reported that he understood the threat of legal action against SCOW had been withdrawn. However, in future, the assignment of such events among the British Home Nations must receive BSSF approval.

DP requested a British TD. Susie Berry was appointed. SB reported that draft rules had been drawn up for consideration, including the proposal that the event move annually around the participating countries.


6.1 TD Address list

It was noted that there have been many changes, so a new address list should go out with the minutes.

6.2 Candidate British TDs

Ian Roberts - It was agreed that he should sit the written exam in November and if possible should do a candidature under an assigned British FIS TD inspector in the coming season.

Carl McGregor-Ogden - It was agreed that he should sit the written exam in November, carry out an assignment (excluding RAF and club events) and could then do his candidature.

Alan Hunt - it was noted that he has one more season in which to do his candidature.

Sue McGregor-Ogden - is in the same position as Alan Hunt

Crerar Adams: nomination by AS as a candidate was accepted.

6.3 TD Equipment and badges

The TD suits continue to be available. It was decided that production of badges should be held until it is clear that the logo is stable.

6.4 BASS Registration Fee and Calendar Fee

It was agreed that the BASS registration capitation fee to BSSF should be increased to £2.50 (£1.50 at present). (This extra cost to the MGs would be more than covered by the saving on the BASS list, if the proposal in Item 6.5 is implemented)

It was also agreed that a calendar fee should be introduced proportionate to the number of days of racing in each event. £25 per race day for BASS races. FIS races would be exempt as they already pay a fee to FIS.

6.5 Publication of the BASS lists

There was discussion as to whether paper versions of the BASS lists are necessary. The time taken to produce them is too lengthy and time and costs would be reduced if they were published directly onto the internet (www.britski.org) It was noted that this is to happen for the Artificial points list - only the first and final lists are to be printed. There was majority agreement that there will be no more paper BASS list next season (with exception of individual copies in each Home Nation)

6.6 Club membership

SB reiterated that all Clubs who have athletes competing in British races should pay membership fees to the BSSF. PH reported that he expected this to be agreed at the next ESC meeting. (This has subsequently happened.)

It was noted that there has been some confusion, especially for team trophies, when athletes are members of more than one racing club. PH's proposal was agreed: that athletes should name one club for which they compete on snow and one for plastic (which may be the same) and these can only be changed at the time of re-registration.


7.1 Report from National Seeder: There was no report from Dick Taplin

7.2 Maximum Penalty/Maximum point

The trial inclusion of Juniors into Children's races in order to bring down the penalty did not work in practice. (Juniors were reluctant to stay on for Children's events and the new FIS rules complicate it even further.) It was, therefore, agreed that it will be discontinued next season. Instead, it was suggested that the FIS penalty calculation method be used to avoid the high penalties in all seeded races. There was overall agreement that, in principle, the FIS method should be introduced, however, the opinion of Dick Taplin will be sought There are 2 possible approaches:

1. Re-calculate all of last season's results in order to avoid confusion and unfairness

2. Run the new system in parallel with the present next season in order to start afresh at the end of the season.

The Forum thanked PH for his excellent work in producing the paper showing the comparisons between FIS and BASS penalty calculations.

7.3 End of Season BASS List: It was noted that this list had not yet been published and that in future every effort should be made for it to be produced as soon as possible after the last race. It is time critical because of selection meetings, awards etc. which depend upon it.


There was no draft 2000/01 calendar available. The first draft will be circulated with the Minutes.


9.1 British Senior Championships

A written report from Duncan Lonie was read. The event was very successfully run with good co-operation from the resort

9.2 British Junior & Children's Championships

GH reported verbally that this event was also very successful. However, special mention was made of the problem encountered when a British athlete has no BASS points but is proved to be competent because of foreign points. It was agreed that, despite the decision made at the Championships, such an athlete should not be allocated an earlier start position, but should be drawn in a group at the end with others with no points as normal.

9.3 British Artificial Championships

16-17 September, High Wycombe. Ingie Christophersen was appointed as TD for the event.

10. ICR

It was agreed to set up a working group to discuss the effect of the new ICR on the BCR - SB, RB, MI, ML and FS (as the Scottish representative) were appointed to it. Its findings are to be circulated to all members of the Forum by the end of September.

11. BCR

11.1 Articles 604.2.2 and 604.2.4: After much discussion, new wording was agreed as follows:

Art. 604.2.2

For all British and Member Group Championships, the British Technical Delegates Forum assigns the TD. Member Groups may make recommendations for these appointments.

Art. 604.2.4

For Club events, Member Groups may appoint the TD or if requested, the British Technical Delegates Forum will make the assignment. The TD may not be a member of the organising club.

11.2 BCR 2000: is to be updated to take into account the new ICR (see Item 10 above)

11.3 Seniors: It was agreed that that seniors may participate in a children's race, however they cannot qualify for seeding.

11.4 Minis: SB proposed that, following the practice this season, Mini's races should be run in accordance with Children I rules. It was agreed that this should be included in the BCR up-date.

12. ANY OTHER BUSINESS Items raised under this heading have been included above.


3-5 November 2000 - in Scotland

Friday, 3 November: TD Forum meeting - TD Forum only

Saturday, 4 November: Alpina Safety Demonstration - all welcome, including race organisers, resort personnel, etc.

Sunday, 5 November: British TD Update - all welcome

Venue to be confirmed: All interested parties should be encouraged to attend. Action all MG reps.

Note:  Item 6.4 BASS Registration Fee and Calendar Fee requires BSSF Board ratification.