ESC Alpine Racing Committee

Minutes of the 81st ARC meeting held on Saturday, 25th September 1999 at

Swadlincote Ski Centre


*Arrived at 10.55h


  10.00h - 10.30h ARRIVAL, COFFEE, READING TIME  

DM introduced 2 visitors: (both have no voting powers + both are bound by the same level of confidentiality as full members of ARC) DM had invited Alan ASHFIELD to lead a discussion on the development of children’s racing/training. John SHAW is here at the request of Graham Beck.

81.1.0 MINUTES action
  Minutes of the 80th meeting were approved and signed.  
79.3.0 Declaration of interest


80.3.0 DM had not yet contacted Adam Sullivan re sponsorship. DM
  GB has submitted the prospectus to the ESC office and asked for photos to be added - so far, the office has not responded.


  RH reported that the potential sponsorship for the English Alpine Championships had not proceeded.  
80.4.0 British T.D. Forum declined to accept ARC’s nomination of Carl McGregor-Ogden and Ian Roberts as British TD’s. It was felt that both should collect more experience over this coming Winter season. Sue McGregor-Ogden to take her written exam during the November British TD Forum.

All England Artificial Ski Slope Championships

Dennis Edwards had provided the promised trophies for the Overall Female and Male Champions. However, both trophies were not presented, as they need some attention.

Confirmed quota of up to 15 masters, including any within points criteria

Special presentation dinner

Was postponed from 25th September to 9th October. It will be held during the ESSkiA finals at Swadlincote.

  ROTP Gordon Cole next ROTP will take place in 3 weeks  
81.3.1 Reports on all the Races, including the 24th All England Championships and 2nd European Championships will be prepared at the next ROTP meeting.

ROTP is organising a Race Officials Course over the weekend 20/21 November in the West Midlands. Cost = £ 40.00 per person, excluding accommodation – however food is included and accommodation can be booked in the nearby Travel Lodge.

81.3.2 Progress on 2000 calendar has been made. The 5 Grand Prix will take place at Chatham, Gloucester, Norfolk, Sunderland 17/18th June and Swadlincote.

The British Championships will be held at Wycombe Summit, 16/17th Sept - concern was expressed re GS at Wycombe – ROTP to check with BSSF/slope.

The Inter-Regional Team Race takes place at Hemel 1st July.

Qualifying Races: Bromley, Gloucester, Hemel 2nd July, Norfolk, Southampton, Sunderland, Wycombe Summit, and perhaps Welwyn (if slope is homologated). Agreed Lions/Sharks qualifying race at Rossendale.

ROTP to check with SCOW if Wales to run the 3rd European Championships, if not L&ERSA wants to stage this event on 15th+16th July 2000. Concern was expressed about British and European at same venue.

It was also noted that YHSF had not asked to have a competition within their region.

For the 2000 season, the organising Club/Slope will decide on the race entry fees for individual Qualifying Races. However, the entry fees per person should be no less than £ 8 and no more than £ 13.50 and for non-registered racer £ 10 and £ 15.50.

ROTP to feed back to unsuccessful slopes re bids for British/All England

All Qualifying Races should include the 3 Masters age group categories.

The ESC Administration Fee must be paid by the organisers when accepting the race rather than after the race had taken place.












81.3.3 Safety at races.

It was decided that from April 2000 all ski poles have to be mounted with ski pole stoppers. ESC office will be asked to hold a stock. Individual racers will be able to obtain these from the ESC office. Clubs and Regions could buy them direct from the importers/shops (Manbi sells ten for £ 4.90).

It was decided that (subject to HSE advice) from April 2000 it will be obligatory to wear an approved helmet while racing in ESC competitions for all age groups. The wearing of helmets is not compulsory during pre-race training or course inspection. Special deals have been negotiated. Details will be circulated in an Occasional Alpine Race Bulletin. This matter will have to be discussed again in the November meeting. PH to contact HSE for further information. The two new rules can be circulated via the Occasional Race Bulletin as well as on PH’s web site

(After the meeting it was pointed out that FIS do not require this. ARC should be aware of decision to shadow FIS rules. Review at next meeting DM)

  STP REPORT of Ian Robert was circulated  
  ARC recommends that the 3 run format for Qualifying races should continue for at least one more year. However, all the organisers should use a standard computer programme. PH asked to report on the different options available at the different slopes. For all the Grand Prix Competitions, the Soft Control programme must be used. Two print dongles will be available. It will be ARC’s responsibility to have the ESC’s Dongle updated as necessary. PH to check how much the updating will cost as the ESC Dongle is now 3 years old. Soft Control has now got a limited Windows version, available for downloading and practicing.

ARC recommends to STP, subject to a review at the end of the 2000 race season, that TAG HEUER 505 chronoprint and radio link be approved for use. (NB after meeting radio timing on Timing A not acceptable in draft ICR)








  Race Slalom Poles: ROTP will ask all ski slopes holding Grand Prix/All England/etc. to provide Slalom Poles as part of the contract. ROTP
  FIS Paperwork is acceptable from now on at ESC races, except where a special reason for ESC precision is asked for. STP
  Simon Mills and Phil Brown should be added to the ESC A-List of Course Setters STP
  Final seed list to be zeroed or ‘tenned’? PH/IR
  ROTP to amend ESC Race Manual with regard of Protest Fee – should read £ 20 ROTP
81.3.4 Report on appeal from 2nd European Championships is readily available on the internet -  
  ARC is asking STP to look into the matter of Matthew Aitkenhead and Blair Aitken,

Binding heights,

Prizes for no-registered racers,

Format for Inter Regional Race,

All England dual slalom rules.







  BSSF all reports are available on the internet -  
  PH reported that for the November TD-Forum ESC must submit a list of Clubs and Schools registered with ESC. It was agreed to list all valid member clubs, including proprietary and schools who have paid affiliation fees. BSSF to supply a list from other member groups. PH
  November TD Forum will be held on 6th + 7th November 1999 at RAF Henlow. On Saturday, any interested person is welcome. Sunday workshop is only open to British TD’s, Seeders and one Home Nation representative.  
  ESC BOARD Graham Beck  
  Chris Exall stood down as Chairman of the Board. Dennis Edwards had taken up a new post with the English Sports Council. Bob Russell and Chris Freeman have both resigned from the board. Wendy Bowen was made redundant. Board believes it has now created a firm base for growth. Chris Exall is to work on the Coaches Forum. ESC is keeping within Budget. Next Council Meeting is on 9th Oct at Halesowen.  
  DM reported on the letter received from Matthew Wood, re 24th All England Boys & Girls Championships. Ian Roberts and/or Susie Berry will be asked to answer this letter. It was noted that the re-run in the 24th All England Boys and Girls Championships was because the race organisation was at fault. (NB After meeting DM explained to MW) DM
  DM reported on the letter received from Alan Humphrey, re his concern and disagreement with proposals for Squad Policy.  
81.5.1 End of Season Event - 9.10.1999 see above

Several companies have kindly donated prizes.

81.5.2 Progress of Sponsorship

Rossignol and maybe Salomon have shown interest in sponsoring next year’s Grand Prix and Qualifying Race Series. GB needs next year’s race calendar ASAP.



  Nothing to report  
  ARC Budget Derek Metters Papers on the updated ARC budget were circulated  
  DM explained the budget figures.  
  STP will be asked to take up this project. DM
81.9.1 SLIDE SHOW+ report by Alan Ashfield  
  AA was asked by Dennis Edwards/DM to put together a paper on racers in the 8 - 13 age group with the previous, very successful 913 Squad in mind. Aim for, say, 5 zones each led by a knowledgeable race coach, who confers closely with the other zone leaders, local Clubs, their Race Trainers and Fitness Trainers, dealing with young racers on their technical skills, team building, foundation training, fitness, pole training and fast reaction training.

The young athletes from each zone would meet regularly but their training programme would be supervised via their Clubs. All work would have to be closely monitored/recorded. This scheme would enable England to build a base from where the future Champions can come. ‘The game has to be raised for everybody’. The need to work with BSSF, SNSC, SCOW, NISC, BARSC etc. and the emphasis on keeping the racers within their Clubs and growing all was recognised. It was noted that schools had substantial experience and knowledge on young people’s development that should be tapped.

To move forward, AA was asked to circulate a questionnaire to the Regions/Clubs to collate information on race training/trainers/coaches. AA to meet with Chris Exall and the Coaching Panel (Alan Ashfield, Chris Exall, Chris Hill, Alan Humphrey & John Sheddon) to sort out a meeting to move forward. JW wanted to be involved but is only willing if he is elected by the Coaches Conference. Link with the Coaches Panel and ex racers is vital. AA to try for a pilot in 2 areas if possible. (ERSA would be interested)




Derek Metters

Draft copies were circulate via e-mail prior to the meeting

81.10.1 British National Squad 1999/2000 selection and programme

Information on selection and proposed programme is available on the internet.




Development Squad (papers were circulated via the e-mail)

RH raised the fact that only selected people were sent the information about the meeting on August 21st 1999 to discuss Squad matters. The intention had been that ARC, Selectors and other interested people should be invited. DM had e-mailed GC, RH and other not present with full details when he realised the error that the information has not been circulated to all. Part of the proposed procedure had been implemented without discussion with other effected clubs/ groups DM had apologised but RH did not feel this was appropriate and asked for her opposition to be recorded. At the August 21st meeting it was decided to introduce a 3-tear squad structure. It had been decided not to include Senior Racers. However, it had since become apparent that there was an issue with a limited number of Seniors with potential. As they were excluded from all squads, they could lose priority race entry. DM to raise the issue about Senior English Racers and English Squad Members with BSSF and possibly SNSC to create a carefully managed programme. Jennifer in BSSF needs to know the provisional programme of each athlete. DM to see if it is possible to get an agreement with all parties in questions that British FIS race entries must be made for each athlete at least 72 hours in advance.

RH pointed out that the new 3-tear structure could ruin the small, hardworking clubs, as all the good racers will be taken out of these clubs. Successful clubs will be punished for their achievement. DM stated that ARC wanted to work with the Regions and the Clubs but the letter sent to the athletes might have been interpreted oppositely. If so, this would put Athletes/Parents in the difficult position of choosing between clubs and squad. Despite statements about the voluntary nature of the squad, athletes will assume that, to have a chance of remaining in the Squad that they have to be seen working with the Squad. DM repeated that this was not the intention and he had advised racers who had contacted him re a possible clash that they should remain in their club programmes. It was vital that education needs were recognised.

GG expressed concern that the ESSkiA training/race structure was not recognised or taken into account in the proposed structure.











81.10.3 Artificial Squad

JW welcomed the introduction of this Squad. The Squad Members will train once or twice together otherwise they will remain within their Clubs/Region.

81.10.4 Selection Policy feed back and the response to Draft Paper prepared by JW (papers were circulated via the e-mail) After a discussion, DM requested written feedback to the draft-paper within 10 days in order to move it forward.  
81.10.5 2000 draft policy

JW is concerned that criteria should be open but also predefined and objective.

  27th November 1999 22nd January 2000 (IR not available)

18th March 2000 (PH not available) 13th May 2000

81.12.0 AOB  
  RH asked

a) To change the venue for any Squad Training from Switzerland to another Alpine resort in order to reduce costs. DM to investigate as the only fixed points so far are New Year and Easter.

b) Queried if squad-training arrangements had been open to non-squad members. This was denied. She asked if joint camps were a way forward, if yes, when would the information be made public? Combined arrangements could increase buying power.


The meeting closed at 17.00h                       Kings Langley, 28th October 1999

Post meeting notes

DM has liaised with ESSKIA. It was agreed that a one-week development group camp would be run in February in conjunction with the ESSKIA camp.

A camp of 7 days for National squad and development squad would be held in conjunction with the BARSC Championships. DM would be happy to run this in liaison with any interested club, group, and region.

A camp of up to three weeks for National squad and development squad would be held in Pitztal for the British Junior & Children Championships and the English Alpine Championships. DM would be happy to run this in liaison with any interested club, group, and region. Additional camps are being arranged for the National squad.