Alpine Racing Committee
Minutes of the 82nd ARC meeting held on Saturday, 27th November 1999 at
Swadlincote Ski Centre 

Graham BECK	GB		Chris HILL	CH



81.1.0	MINUTES	
	minutes of the 81st meeting were approved and signed.


	79.3.0	Declaration of Interest:
	Gordon Cole promised to submit his copy the same day as he receives the 
	papers from the ESC office.

	81.3.3	Safety Helmets:
	HSC have not yet replied to PH letter. ROTP and the feeling of some of the 
	members around the table was that ARC recommends to all racers to wear helmets
	rather than to make it obligatory to wear some kind of head protection for all 
	(not for children only). The ICR, which were created for snow races only, 
	require Children to wear helmets for GS and for all for speed events and 
	not at all for Slalom. On plastic, we only race Slalom. It must be up to the 
	racers/parents/clubs and trainers to insist of wearing protective head gear. 
	ARC is concerned about any injury to the skull and the frontal area of the head. 
	ESC to carry out a risk assessment over the next 12 months before deciding on 
	ESC's position. Any feed back from the individual coaches/clubs/parents/individuals 
	will be welcome. To be discussed again at next meeting.

	Racing Software
	PH reported that the French Firm no longer provides the DOS version but have changed 
	over to a Window version. Price of new copy of the programme is FFR 2000. To upgrade 
	from DOS to windows is FFR 1000. PH has updated the BSSF dongle and Alan West to do 
	the same for the ESC dongle. PH to run a day course before the Summer on the use of 
	the software as well as create a written guide on this subject. 
	Date to be confirmed at the next meeting.						PH/DM

	Slalom poles:
	ROTP to ask all slopes who will run a race only to use slalom poles in perfect order. 
	TD's will be asked to monitor this closely.
	CH wants to move to 19 mm slalom poles (especially for children)			ROTP


	ROTP	Gordon Cole

82.3.1	Race officials Training Weekend: was very successful - 28 participants. Venue was 
	excellent. Feed-back-sheets from participants showed how much they enjoyed it.

82.3.2	ROTP meeting: 17.10.1999
	ROTP confirmed 
	* the venue for the British Artificial Championships to be High Wycombe.
	* All Qualifying Races from now on will include a Masters Race. Organisers to produce 
	  1st place medals for the 3 Masters Categories (male and female).
	* Race Pack should only include 1 copy of all paperwork used for the Organisers to 
	  re-produce/photo copy.
	* Race Entry Fees for Qualifying Races will be set by the Organisers 
	  (min. 8.00 - max.  13.50).
	* Grand Prix entry fee =  13.50.
	* Qualifying Races will from now on be called: Club National Races.
	* ROTP to ask ESC office to produce and circulate the 'late entry form' for the 
	  Qualifying Races in time.
	* All Organisers of Club National races have to pay the ESC fee of 260.00 before the 
	  venue can be put onto the Race Calendar. 
	* Boys & Girls races: ROTP will make sure that the rule 'Boys & Girls racers can only 
	  take part in 3 Boys & Girls races plus the All England Championships' is adhered to 
	  by the racers. ROTP will monitor all participation. Also, only Boys & Girls who have 
	  at least taken part in one Boys & Girls races are eligible to take part in the 
	  All England Championships. However, an explanation should be made to the racers/parents. 
	  ROTP should draft the wording and circulate to ARC members before publishing.

82.3.3	2000 race calendar: Is well in hand and will be distributed before Christmas, subject 
	to agreement on the European Championship.

82.3.4	Alpine Championships 2000: Venue is still not found for the dates in question. 
	Wengen, Switzerland and maybe Innerkrems, Austria are interested. It could be that no 
 	Super-G can be run in either of those resorts. ARC suggests that we still run 6 races 
	+ 1 or 2 Minis races. 1 Slalom and 1 GS for Children and 1 Slalom and 1 GS for 
	Juniors/Seniors (the 4 Championship Races) plus 1 Slalom and 1 GS for Children/Juniors. 
	If a suitable venue is not found by the Prize Giving Ceremony for the BARSC races 2000, 
	the 3rd English Alpine Championships 2000 will have to be cancelled.

82.3.5	European Championships 2000:
	L&SERA and Wales both want to run the race weekend, a group chaired by  Susie Berry will 
	arbitrate and help identify a framework for progress. As the original agreement had 
	anticipated that this event would move from nation to nation ARC agreed to support 
	Wales in this matter.

82.3.6	The Club National (Qualifying) Race to be held at Rossendale Ski Centre was to be run by 
	Sharks/Lions because Rossendale SC had not applied to run a race in 2000.

STP	REPORT of Ian Robert	Circulated

82.3.7	British TD Forum 1999:  The TD forum has determined that all member group championships 
	should have an externally appointed TD. ESC does not agree with this because it limits 
	the extent to which member groups can train and give experience to their officials. 
	ESC are happy to invite a championship TD from outside ESC but feel it important that 
	they appoint individual race TD from appropriate officials. Sue McGregor Ogden successfully 
	sat her British TD exam. 

	PAM BOULTON has resigned from STP. ARC thanks her for her outstanding work in English 
	Skiing over such a long time.

	BSSF: all available reports are readily available on the internet

82.3.8	ESC BOARD	Graham Beck

82.3.9	Financial report


82.4.1	ESC Website

82.4.2	Year Book

82.4.3	Seedlists

82.5.0	ESSKIA	Gillian Gilyead
	to be discussed at the next meeting

	Derek Metters produced an updated paper for the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. 
	This paper will be submitted as the proposal from ARC. DM will contact all 
	ARC members if changes are requested by the Duke of Edinburgh committee.


82.8.0	4 YEAR PLAN	Graham Beck
	not discussed

	5th February 2000, 10.30h -15.00h at Cannock. Invitations have been circulated 
	to all ESC members.


82.10.1	Performance Coaching

82.10.2	Report on Coaches Panel

82.10.3	Way forward

82.11.0	SQUAD MATTERS Derek Metters  papers circulated

82.11.1	1999/2000 progress report

82.11.2	Rest of the Season programme

82.11.3	Seniors in English National Squad:  This issue was discussed thoroughly. 
	Exceptionally talented Seniors are allowed into ESC Squads. As member of a 
	recognised squad, exceptional seniors, not part of the British Team, would have 
	priority treatment when entering into FIS races i.e. giving them a chance to 
	improve their FIS points and chance of being selected into the British Team. 
	On the other hand, they will not take away resources from younger racers with 
	potential. Training with the National Squad can also be available to those Seniors 
	but they have to comply to the rules of all participants. For this Season, 
	Robert Brown (Senior) will be invited to become member of this year's English 
	National Squad - however the Juniors in the English National Squad will still have 
	priority over Robert when entering into FIS races. A policy on priority entries 
	will be determined

82.11.4	ARC's objections: updated papers on ARC's policy was circulated by e-mail to all 
	ARC members. This paper was discussed at length.

	CH, as Squad Coach, is asked to be the official ARC representative on the Coaches 
	Technical Panel. ARC needs at all time to have a representative on the Coaches 
	Technical Panel in order to assure that the performance side of coaching is not 
	neglected. DM to ask Alan Ashfield to join ARC as representative of the Coaches 
	Technical Panel. At the same time, ARC should also work closely with the Schools Panel. 

82.11.5	Selection Policy 2000/2001: updated papers were circulated by e-mail to all ARC members. 
	Some feedback from various groups were taken into account when DM updated the paper. 
	This paper was discussed at length.
	Names for the English Squads were decided on: 
	English National Squad A 
	English National Squad B and 
	English Artificial Squad.
	ESC will support any racer who is de-selected from any British Squad and is still of the 
	ESC considered standard to create continuity. 

	All athletes accepting a place in any Squad will be required to sign a contract which 
	will include the code of conduct. They must agree to follow a programme negotiated with 
	the National Coach. English Squad entries to FIS races will be directed through the ESC 
	office to allow for co-ordination of FIS race entries and ensure that squad members 
	receive priority over non-squad members.

	If a racer cannot agree to follow an appropriate programme, he/she will be offered 
	"English National Squad Standard" status but this will not carry priority entry or any 
	negotiated sponsorship.

	English National A Squad members must normally follow a programme with the National Coach 
	and ESC should aim to reinstate an alpine base to facilitate this. This Alpine Base could be 
	used at holiday times by the English National B Squad and their Coaches.

	English National B Squad members will be allowed to train with their local Club or Region 
	as long as they agree their programme with the National Coach and take part at some 
	compulsory training sessions/days/week. (Taking Alan Ashfield's SKIP programme into account).

	The meeting felt that children should not normally be considered for either the 
	English National A or B Squad. Members felt that the most appropariate place to the 
	development of Children was in clubs and regions.  

	DM to update his paper taking today's discussions into account. 


22nd January 2000
18th March 2000
13th May 2000

82.13.0	AOB

The meeting closed at 16.00h					Kings Langley, 19/12/1999