English Ski Council
Alpine Racing Committee
Minutes of the 85th ARC meeting held on Saturday, 13th May 2000
at Swadlincote Ski Centre 

Chris HILL*		CH
*Chris Hill left the meeting at 12.00h 

Graham BECK		GB
Kelly Morris apologised after the meeting

10.00h - 10.30h ARRIVAL, COFFEE,

85.1.0		MINUTES       (already circulated)

84.2.1		4th paragraph was amended as follows:
		GG reported on a letter circulated to the members of the ESC Schools Committee 
		by Cornwall County Council. It is proposed that if parents provide a suitable 
		properly fitted helmet it becomes the teacher's responsibility to ensure that 
		the child wears it. .......

		Minutes of the 84th meeting were amended, approved and signed.


85.2.1		Safety Helmets:
		DB to be asked to move the issue of the risk assessment forward and report 
		on progress by next meeting.

85.2.2		Ski pole stoppers
		The rule will be enforced at every ESC organised race. 
		SPECIFICATION: The ski pole tip should be approximately 15mm in diameter. 
		Scott make a rubber bung for Scott poles to cover the ice tip, which is slightly 
		less than 15 mm, this is acceptable. 
		ROTP to be asked to ensure that ski pole stoppers are on sale at all the races. 
		Ski pole stoppers can be bought from the ESC office for £ 2.00. 


85.3.1		ROTP
		No member of ROTP present and no written report was submitted even though there 
		have been committee meetings. DM to check future representation.

85.3.2		STP	Ian Roberts
		IR reported that he confirmed with LSERSA that ESC would not provide a TD for the 
		World Artificial Ski Slope Championships.  
		IR will attend the TD Forum on behalf of ESC where he will give a short report 
		on the English Alpine Championships. He will also request clarification on the 
		decisions made at the last TD Forum re appointments to national championships. 
		STP/ARC believes that the ESC practise of inviting an external TD, directly or 
		through the forum, is the appropriate way forward, conforms with BCR and allows 
		the development of HNGB TD's. STP is also of the opinion that the HNGB and 
		member groups of BSSF should identify common pathways of TD accreditation. 

		PH reported that he has now bought a personal update for Soft Ski computer programme, 
		and that Soft Ski are developing a modification that will cope with the new format 
		of the Club National Races. PH will be acting chief of calculation for 5 Club National 
		Races this year. The committee agreed to buy an additional copy for ESC when available

85.3.3		BSSF	all available reports can be seen on BSSF or PH's web site

		PH reported that Jim Hewitt (BARSC) has been appointed as chairman of the British 
		Children Selection Committee. At the same time Konrad Bartelski will chair the selection 
		committee for the British Teams. Malcolm Erskine had resigned as the Team Coach for the 
		British Children's team. 

85.3.4		ESC BOARD	Graham Beck
		No board member present. 
		DM had nominated GB (1st) and and GG (2nd) to be his proxy to vote at the ESC AGM on 
		20th May 2000, as he cannot attend himself.

85.3.5		ESSKIA		Gillian Gilyead
		In order to ensure a co-ordinated and appropriate approach ARC recommended a closer 
		relationship between ESSkiA, the Schools Committee and ARC. ARC further recommended 
		to the board that, on occasion and for appropriate activity, ESSkiA committee be asked 
		to act on behalf of ESC. 

85.3.6		Alpine Championships 2000
		The 4th English Alpine Championships was a success, despite the known issues linked to 
		the delay in finalising a resort. Thanks to International Motors for vehicle sponsorship, 
		DHO and K for the gift of prizes, to all who helped to stage it including officials and 
		resort and to the work of Ros Humphrey, the race secretary and key link with Wengen. 
		We must now concentrate on next year's venue. DM to contact Fiona/BSSF Events Executive 
		to find out when and where BSSF plans to hold the British Junior and Children Championships 
		in 2001 and if possible to have joint negotiation for the venue.
		PH asked for a closer link between BSSF/SNSC/ESC when arranging the venue and dates for the 
		various Championships. 

85.3.7		Dry Slope Calendar
		It was noted that the World Artificial Ski Slope Championship Race on Sunday, 29 May 2000 
		is not a seeded race.  

85.4.0		THE FOUR YEAR PLAN	Papers circulated
		ARC's document has gone to the English Sports Council and ARC is on target at the moment. 
		The committee decided to spend some time at each ARC meeting to ensure that the committee 
		oversees that the commitments promised within the 4-year plan are kept to. 

		PH to collect data on participants at all the races by age and gender to help with the process. 
		STP to investigate the issues linked to organizing a FIS event in 2002.


85.5.1		1999/2000 progress report + Programme for rest of the season 
		February Half Term, squad members had a chance to train in Norway with 2 FIS races at the end 
		of the week's training. Those squad members who only made up their minds very late could not 
		be accommodated.
		In March, some squad members went to Austria and the girls attended 2 FIS races. After that, 
		the group moved to Pitztal for the British Junior Championships and to Wengen for the English 
		Championships. The Squad achieved very good results (especially Jonathan Heyes). CH reported 
		on the good team spirit within the group.

85.5.2		Final Selection Policy 2000 - papers circulated.
		JW circulated a shorter/user friendly version of the ESC Selection Policy. After a few minor 
		changes this paper should be circulated to all racers/clubs etc. as well as being published 
		on PH's website. JW to look into the costing of having the information sheet printed in colours 
		and report to DM. DB to produce dry slope squad details

85.5.3		Report on Selection meeting 2000
		It was reported that SNSC had invited a number of English registered athletes with Scottish 
		links to be considered for Scottish Squads. It was pointed out that athletes would have to 
		affirm their English Status before taking up a place on the English programme. (* see notes 
		produced after meeting at end of these minutes) The ESC provided training programme must 
		continue to offer appropriate training at all levels to ensure that we meet, and athletes 
		see that we meet, their needs.
		Minutes of the Selection meeting + letter to all selected racers were circulated. 
		Nominated athletes have been informed, PH to post details on www.britski.org as soon as possible. 
		Athletes asked to respond to DM by 26th May.

85.5.4		GG raised the point that an observer was at the selection meeting. After a short discussion 
		it was agreed that in the future 'Observers' (other than ESC Board Members) should not be allowed 
		to be present at Selection Meetings.

85.5.5		CH reported on the British Selection Meeting:
		Johnny Moulder-Brown, Chemmy Alcott, Danielle Bosher and Katrina Head have been re-selected 
		to the British Squad. Joanna Greig and Jamie Miles have been offered a trial camp with the 
		British Team. Jean and Erika White have been invited to join the British Youth Squad. Peter 
		Walters will be given a chance, if he so wants, to re-join the Squad. Johnny Heyes has been 
		offered a trial camp and James Barcock is invited to the British Junior Squad. Yves Scilimati, 
		Duncan White and Jack Hunt are invited to join the British Youth Squad - without a programme. 

85.5.6		Report on sponsorship and proposed programme/structure 2000/2001 
		It is anticipated that the board will offer a contract to Chris Hill to lead the programme. 
		The position for the 2nd Coach and one additional helper will be advertised by the end of May. 
		A small management group to be formed which should deal with development sponsorship, looking 
		after the sponsors, managing the Squad etc.
		The A and B squads will each consist of 10 - 12 members. It is assumed that most A athletes 
		will be on full time and most B athletes on part time programmes. Part time athletes will be 
		required to nominate a home coach. The needs of some squad members, especially those born in 1985, 
		may be best met through their home club/trainer. If ESC believes this is the case, those athletes 
		will be required to follow an agreed programme. CH to liaise with Coaches/racers concerned.

		A number of sponsorship contracts are being negotiated 
		Clothing The Swedish Clothing Manufacturer '5 Seasons' is providing up to 30 suits for the Squad 
		and Staff in 2000/2001. The aim is for a three 3 year contract.
		Insurance: We are negotiating with a company for the Squad/Staff.
		Accommodation Sponsorship: is not yet finalised.
		Meribel: Discussions are underway with Meribel with regard to training facilities, lift passes 
		and accommodation.
		Equipment: A number of manufacturers including Völkl, Fischer, Salomon, Scott, Joffa, Atomic 
		are in the process of finalising offers.
		Vehicles: contract with International Motors to be re-negotiated in the autumn
		DM pointed out that we must ensure that all equipment is only for the athletes.

		The immediate programme will start with a fitness camp at the end of June and 2 Summer Camps, 
		one in Tignes and the 2nd in Saas Fee or Tignes.

85.5.7		DM reported on the agreement with Fiona/BSSF that priority entries to FIS races for Squad members 
		will be handled via one central point for each home nation. Squad priorities are 1st - British 
		Squads followed by Home Nation Teams and thereafter come the racers in FIS point order. 
		DM to produce a statement on this for PH's Website. 

85.6.0		ANNUAL REPORT		Attached
		As circulated to ESC members. 

85.7.0		OCCASIONAL RACING BULLETIN	Document circulated to clubs attached
		Should include explanations on the rulings on:
		1. Ski Pole Protectors (minimum 15 mm diam)
		2. Helmets
		3. Binding Height (50/55mm)
		4. Boys & Girls Races
		5. Wearing of gloves, long sleeves and long trousers when racing
		6. Etc.
		PH/DM to write the new bulletin including extra explanations like the running of Club National 
		Races. The Bulletin should be submitted to the ESC office as soon as possible so it can be 
		distributed with the next mailing. PH to publish it also on his Web site.


85.8.1		PH confirmed his discussions re the publication of the Artificial Slope seed lists and that 
		these will be published 5 times a year. The 1st and 5th editions will be hard copies while 
		the other 3 editions will be published on www.britski.org  However, copies may be obtained at 
		cost from the ESC office. A copy of each seed list will be sent to Wales, Scotland and race 
		secretaries by post or email. 

85.8.2		Seeding regulation
		2 Proposals will be tabled at the British TD Forum. One will deal with the penalty calculation 
		for BASS races and the 2nd proposal will deal with Club races when all age groups race 
		the same course (maximum vertical drop for children's races does not overlap with the minimum drop 
		for junior/senior competitions). PH to report on the outcome at the next ARC meeting.

85.8.3		Ski Racing leaflet/Document which talks about seeding of competitors
		Those two leaflets need to be reviewed, redrafted and updated. STP to review the ski racing leaflet;
		PH the seeding regulations and report back to ARC by the September meeting.

85.8.4		Year Book
		Scotland publishes an annual yearbook. This is excellent publicity for the governing body and the 
		sport. ESC should aim to publish similar quality document including information on Coaching 
		Courses, Squad Activities and general news. This yearbook could also be published on the internet. 
		ARC to recommend this to the Board.

85.8.5		ESC had registered their own domain name: www.englishski.org  ARC to recommend to the Board that 
		ESC develop this as an interesting, informative front page, with direct access to a range of ESC 
		and British skiing items plus links to other pages like PH's, Regions, Clubs, BSSF, HNGB etc. 

85.8.6		DM to answer to the letter from Rikki Berry.

85.9.0		BRITISH/FIS Competition Rules, seeding and other matters
		PH reported that the ICR 2000 is still not available.

		DM to select members for the ARC committee for the next year including a representative of 
		STP/ROTP/ESSkiA and the ESC Board. 


85.11.1		DM to set the dates for next year's meetings and present them at next meeting.

85.12.0		AOB
		GG requested not to have the final ESC prize giving ceremony at the ESSkiA Race Weekend 
		at Swadlincote. 
		PH asked if the ESC race manual could be updated as it is 5 years old.  ROTP to be asked to 
		see to that - however waiting for the update  of the BCR.
		New medical officer is Sue Carroll. DM to invite her to the September meeting.  
		PH asked about the re-instatement of the Finance Sub Group within ARC. DM to ask ROTP to have 
		detailed information on race income. 

Meeting closed at	 15.45h						Kings Langley, 19th May 2000

Notes on Nationality

The ESC Red Book (race manual) states:

"Nationality. Racers are eligible for English/Welsh/Scottish N. Irish nationality if they hold or are eligible 
to hold a UK passport
and 	a	You were born in the country concerned,
or	b	one or both parents were born in the country concerned,
or	c 	you have been resident in the country concerned for the past three years.

If, under these criteria, racers are eligible for "dual nationality", they should choose which country's race 
squad they would wish to be considered for selection and register with the respective National Coaching Scheme. 
Once a competitor has represented their country, they may not represent another country until twelve months 
have elapsed after their last representative competition. If a competitor wishes then to change "nationality", 
they must have the agreement of both HNGB's concerned."

The ESC guide to Ski Racing, last updated in 1997, gives similar information with minor changes in case, gender etc.