This Bulletin is issued by English Ski Council and applies primarily to ESC races only

However, the Seeding changes apply to all British Dry Slope Races



1. Protests during races.

Over the last year there has been an increase in the number of officials who have been verbally abused and, in some cases, intimidated by racers, parents, spectators and even coaches over decisions made. There have even been examples of spectators and racers complaining about officials who are only ensuring that the safety of racers remains paramount.

All race officials are volunteers who do the job out of a wish to see the sport progress and who receive no recompense for their time and expense. Volunteers are hard to find now and are becoming even more difficult to persuade to help if they have been abused in the past. Without officials, the races cannot continue.

Please use the protest system to resolve any queries. The jury will overturn any decision if a racer can show that the balance of doubt rests with them. Shouting or intimidation of race officials cannot be condoned.

2 Qualifying Race format for 1999

The following format has been agreed for 1999 after feedback from the racers. The first and second runs will be held in bib order, the better of these to count towards the total. The third run will be held in reverse time order and must count - i.e. the result will be the sum of the better time of runs 1 and 2 plus the time for run 3. All runs are down the same course.

3. Changes to age categories

Please be aware of the age category changes which apply from the first dry slope race on 18 April 1999 as published in ESC Seed List 1998.3

                   April/May 1999-April 2000       April/May 2000-April 2001

Seniors                 1979 & earlier                1980 & earlier

Junior 2                 1980,1981,1982               1981, 1982, 1983

Junior 1                 1983,1984                  1984, 1985

Children 2                1985,1986                  1986, 1987

Children 1                1987,1988                  1988, 1989

Boys/Girls                1989, 1990, 1991, 1992          1990, 1991, 1992, 1993


4. Health and Safety

a) Wearing of long sleeves, trousers and gloves is now compulsory during course inspection as well as during practice and racing. This is now a legal requirement imposed by Health and Safety Executive at many slopes

b) ESC recommends that all Children 2 and younger competitors wear an approved safety helmet when competing in any artificial ski slope competition in 1999. Helmets conforming to European Standard EN 1077:1996 Helmets for Alpine Skiers are approved. This may become compulsory in competition year 2000


5. Seeding

In order to separate out the growing number of racers on zero points, the following changes to the ESC Seeding Regulations have been agreed for immediate implementation:

Minimum Race Penalties shall be applied to all events:

                                                                    Minimum Penalty

British, English, Welsh Open, Scottish, Irish & European Championships (only one event per nation)            0

ESC Grand Prix, Celtic Cups, Welsh Closed, SCI Slalom, Wycombe Cup, LSRA races                   5

ESC Qualifying or other Club Races, ESC Inter-Regional Slalom (better of 2 runs)                      10

ALL current seed points (98.4 list) will be loaded by ten points before the start of the 1999 dry slope season.


6 Course Setting

A current list of approved course setters will be found in 1999 race packs.


7. Registration for the Day - Qualifying Races only

In order to encourage greater participation, ESC has agreed to allow organising clubs to accept race entries from unregistered racers, subject to the following:

  1. Entries may only be accepted if, at the closing date, the race is under-subscribed from entries by registered racers. In the event that the number of unregistered entries exceeds the number of vacancies, the organising committee will determine which entries are accepted to bring the total entry up to no more than 180.

  2. Entrants must complete the special race entry form and pay 2.50 in addition to the published race entry fee. The entry form and 2.50 will be forwarded to ESC who will arrange public liability cover for the racer during the competition. Organising Clubs will be liable for any claims against unregistered racers if the special entry forms and 2.50 per entry are not forwarded to ESC office by the club within 7 days after the race.

  3. Accepted entrants are eligible to win age group and overall medals and their results will be included on the official results. However, they will not be allocated a registration number and their results will not be processed for seeding.


ESC Race Organisation Technical Panel   14.02.1999

ESC Alpine Race Committee   12.03.1999