Race Organisation Technical Panel


Occasional Alpine Racing Bulletin 2001


This year sees an update to the ESC Race Manual. In fact it has been more a rewrite than an update. Besides changes to the content to bring it in line with current rules, the manual has been renumbered to remove ambiguous cross references and enable future updates to be issued in the form of precisions. The manual is available for downloading from the Internet at www.britski.org or from the ESC office for a fee 5.00.

If you find any errors in the manual or would like to make any comments regarding the way current ESC races are run please send an e-mail to info@rotp.freeserve.co.uk.

The items below are not intended to be a summary of the new manual, but to highlight the major changes introduced this year and re-enforce existing rules.


1)                  Bad Language - During last year many comments were received about racers use of bad language. This year the TD's have been instructed to apply the unsportsmanlike behaviour rule. This will result in sanctions, ultimately leading to bans for repeat offenders.

2)                  Ski Binding heights - These are as follows:

Children           -           50mm max.

Juniors/Seniors-            55mm max.

3)                  Ski Lengths - FIS have introduced minimum ski lengths for FIS races. These are not going to be introduced this season for dry slope races but may well be next year. The current FIS minimum lengths are:

Children           -           130cm

Juniors/Seniors-            155cm

4)                  Ski Poles with a tip diameter of less than 15mm must be fitted with suitable tip protectors to increase the tip diameter to 15mm.

5)                  ESC recommends that all competitors wear a properly fitting FIS approved safety helmet during race training and competition.

6)                  With the advent of modern cameras the rules on video evidence when protesting have been amended to be:

The jury can accept video evidence for viewing, providing it is of appropriate quality. The onus is still on the racer to provide appropriate evidence.

7)                   Course Setting - Just a reminder that a legal course for all ESC dry slopes require a minimum of 1 x 3 gate verticale, there is no minimum number of hairpins.

8)                   Racers may put on their skis once they reach the Start Gate. However, in the interests of health and safety of Race officials, all waxing/ski preparation must be completed before the racer approaches the Start gate.

9)                   The restriction on Boys and Girls competing in only three Club National races during one season has been removed.


                   Race Matters

1)                  Race Calendar - There has been one change to the calendar since it went for printing. The Chief of Race for the Grand Prix at Wycombe is now Piet Van Kempen, tel. 01480 477363.

2)                  Soft Ski - The version of Soft Ski to be used for this season is 5c dated 11/01/2001.

3)                  Age Categories - This year for all club nationals the age categories are closed categories as follows

Ch1, Ch2, Jn1, Jn2, Sen, M1, M2, M3 for both Female and Male.

                        The Senior category is for racers aged 20 to 29.

                        The M1 category is for racers 30 to 39.

                        The M2 category is for racers 40 to 49.

                        The M3 category is for racers 50 Plus.

4)        European Championships - Racers should note that the World and European Championships being held at Wycombe Summit in June and August 2001 are not recognised by the ESC and will not attract seed points within the ESC Seeding System.  The ESC recognises and supports the European Championships organised by Snowsports Wales to be held at Llandudno on 14/15 July 2001.  Results from this event will be admissible within the ESC Seeding System