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RESULTS       Artificial Slope Races:     2016    2015   2014   2013   2012    2011      2010     2009    2008     2007     2006    2005    2004   

                          Snow Races:                       2016    2015   2014   2013   2012    2011      2010    2009     2008     2007    2006     2005    2004 

                          Ambition GBR: O/D    NOR_2   NOR-1                                  Outdoor Series Points after 2 races - v2

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                         Other:                     SCOTTISH  I/D     LSRA       FIRPARK     LANDGRAAF       NESA     EXCEL   SSW                            BUISC Finals      



                        SUMMER RACE CALENDAR 2016  v18  23rd May 2016         Age Groups for Artificial Slope and Indoor Snow Races - Summer 2016  

NEW               PROVISIONAL ALPINE RACE CALENDAR v01 1st July 2016  


                        Race Date              Entries Close     Venue                                 Postal entry form for SSE events 

NEW              2nd July                   24th June         Stoke-on-Trent                    GBR 3 START     Acceptance                     Invitation      ONLINE ENTRY CLOSED

NEW              3rd July                   24th June          Stoke-on-Trent                    SSE INTER-REGION ACCEPTANCE      Invitation     

                        9th/10th July          1st July             Pontypool                             Ambition GBR O/D Races 4/5                                            ONLINE ENTRY  

                                                                                                                                         Practice Session Fri 8th 7-9pm 10 per person

                       16th/17th July        8th July             Castleford                           Ambition GBR I/D Races 4/5                                              ONLINE ENTRY

                       3rd/4th Sept            26th Aug           Gloucester                          ALL ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS                                 ONLINE ENTRY

                       24th-25th Sept        9th Sept             Landgraaf, NED                  3rd Indoor Lowland Championships                                  ONLINE ENTRY  

                       11th-17th Feb 2017                           Bormio, ITA                         English Alpine Championships 


For regional and club events, see events calendar on SSE web site               Scottish events calendar & Entry Forms   



                       BASS List  2016.6        HTM      XLS      PDF    SKIPRO  - valid from end-of-season 2016       Earlier BASS and FIS Points Lists 

                       FIS Points List 16.12 - valid to  11th May 2016        FIS Masters Points List 2016.8 - valid to 11th May 2016  

                      BARTS Lists  - latest 2016.2                2003 & earlier Lists   


RULES          Competition Rules & Guidelines, Equipment Regulations  - FIS, British & English             British TD Report Forms 

                       Guidance on Helmet Regulations for BASS and BARTS races - updated Apr 2016 

                       TD Forum Guidance:       Stubbies                   


OTHER         Committee Minutes: Snowsport England      British Meetings         Past British & English Champions   

                  AMBITION RACING announced as Headline Sponsor of GBR Alpine Race Series   

                        U14 England Alpine Squad Selection Policy      Minutes and Reports from the British TD Forum Meeting  - Nov 2015     

                         BUSC Elite Athlete Teams 2015 - Alpine, Freestyle & Snowboard      BSS ALPINE DEVELOPMENT GROUP

                         FIS Wax Room Pollution Guidance (2007)       Wax Room Pollution research - 2010  

                        Guide to Ski Racing Rules - Jan 2010 edition          

                        Online Survey of Injuries sustained while racing at Children's Level     Online Child Protection Policy Training System    


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