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                             First-year performer registration for English and Welsh U12 & U10 (year of birth 2004-2007) is FREE   


                        All Coach nominations need to be submitted by 19th April


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RACE INVITATIONS & ACCEPTANCE LISTS:                                             Summer Race Calendar 2015  v19   16th April 2015         

                         Unpaid entries as at 12th April                          Age Groups for Artificial Slope and Indoor Snow Races - Summer 2015   


                        Race Date              Entries Close     Venue                                Postal entry form for SSE events                  ONLINE ENTRY

NEW              18th April              10th Apr              Pembrey                             Excel Race - START      Acceptance       Invitation  

                        19th April                                            Cairngorm                        BAIRNS BUCKET TO RUN THIS SUNDAY

NEW              25th April             17th Apr              Manchester                        Telford Club National                                       ONLINE ENTRY closes 7pm WED 22nd - no late fee

NEW              26th April             17th Apr              Manchester                         Manchester Ski Racing Club National        ONLINE ENTRY closes 7pm WED 22nd - no late fee

NEW              2nd May                 24th Apr             Gloucester                           SSW Champery Slalom & Club Team         ONLINE ENTRY

NEW              3rd May                 24th Apr             Gloucester                            Gloucester Club National                               ONLINE ENTRY 

NEW              4th May                 24th Apr             Gloucester                            GBR Outdoor Series Race 1                           ONLINE ENTRY

NEW               9th May                1st May               Manchester                          GBR Indoor Series Race 1                              ONLINE ENTRY

NEW               10th May              1st May               Manchester                          GBR Indoor Series Race 2                              ONLINE ENTRY

NEW               17th May              8th May              Bromley                                 CANCELLED

NEW               30th May               22nd May           Norwich                                 Norfolk Club National - 0930 start               ONLINE ENTRY

                        31st May               22nd May           Ipswich                                    Vikings Club National                                     ONLINE ENTRY

                        7th June                29th May            Southampton                         Snowsport South Club National                     ONLINE ENTRY

                        20th June              12th June          Gloucester                             GBR Outdoor Races 2 and 3                          ONLINE ENTRY

                        21st June               12th June         Gloucester                             Midland Club National                                     ONLINE ENTRY

                        27th June               19th June         Pendle                                     Pendle Club National                                      ONLINE ENTRY 

                       12th July                5th July             Welwyn                                   ERSA Club National                                        ONLINE ENTRY


For regional and club events, see events calendar on SSE web site              Scottish events calendar & Entry Forms   



                       BASS List  2015.4        HTM      XLS      PDF    SKIPRO  - valid from 28th March 2015       Earlier BASS and FIS Points Lists 

NEW             FIS Points List 15.11 - valid to  22nd April 2015        FIS Masters Points List 2015.3 - valid to 30th June 2015  

                      BARTS Lists  - latest 2015.0                2003 & earlier Lists   


RULES         Competition Rules & Guidelines, Equipment Regulations  - FIS, British & English             British TD Report Forms 

                        BCR - British Competition Rules- Updates for 2014/2015 Season           Update to Helmet Regulations for British Races  

                        FIS Preciions for 2014/15 Season - Edition Northern Hemisphere 

                        Correction to Competition Equipment Rules for BASS races this winter (2014/2015 season)       

                       TD Forum Guidance:   Helmets    Stubbies                   


OTHER         Committee Minutes: Snowsport England      British Meetings         Past British Champions   

                         BUSC Elite Athlete Teams 2015 - Alpine, Freestyle & Snowboard      BSS ALPINE DEVELOPMENT GROUP

                        Minutes and Reports from the British TD Forum Meeting  - November 2014         Notes of Coaches' Meeting in Bormio - Feb 2014  

                        British Universities Elite Athlete Squad 2014 Selections          Wax Room Pollution    Guide to Ski Racing Rules - Jan 2010 edition           

                        Online Survey of Injuries sustained while racing at Children's Level     Online Child Protection Policy Training System    


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